Two Completly Unrelated Debates [furries/quotations]

Great Debates is rather intimidating, so these are two OPs I’ve wanted to post for a while.


In a thread about ‘The next Civil Rights movement’, someone had mentioned furries. Curious, I asked about it, but she never really responded. So my question is:

  1. How much discrimination is there against furries?

  2. How much of it is of the quantifiable type, e.g. refusal of resources, membership, shunning, etc.

  3. Are there enough furries/open furries to lead a civil rights movement?

Secondly, in another thread, I had quoted something as a joke, and someone had said that ‘Quotations are meaningless. Show me what you think.’

I disagree. You quote when someone says something better than you ever could. Becasue of the myraid amounts of discussion all over the world and through time, anyone could find a quote, for any position, which would show what they think. Thus, a quote is simply a rhetorical device.

Mods, feel free to move/split/split and move this thread.

  1. Hobbyists are not a civil category and should not ever be considered such. When they are I am going to start the ‘Eve-Online Players’ PAC.

  2. The reference you are referring to was tongue in cheek because they were quoting Ralph Waldo Emerson.



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Wow. That was quick. I think my last OP was an order of magnitude longer than this entire thread will be when it’s locked.

Would it have killed you to start two separate threads?