Two death sentences, plus life without parole, plus ...

… multiple life sentences, plus 25 years for fire arm possession, plus $22,000 for restitution. From the sound of this article in the Ft Worth Star Telegram, I think the court convicted Julius Robinson of being a really bad person.

I did like this one paragraph.

I can see how it might be pretty tough to get a job after this little smudge on his record.


Two death sentences plus multiple life sentences? Man, makes me feel sorry for the cellmate he’s assigned after they execute him, dig him up, and throw him back in jail.

I wonder if they’ll apply the two death sentences consecutively or concurrently.

Nah, they just get some Buddhist monks to find him after he’s been reincarnated as a cockroach and lock that up. (Unless he hasn’t served his second death sentence. It which case they just use a shoe.)

This is the part I don’t get…

If they intercepted cash shipments & the trial is over, they should take the family’s restitution payment out of that. I understand that once it’s seized it belongs to the gov’t, but can’t they share???

A friend of mine, in his outlaw biker days, heard from a former Texas prison inmate about a man in the prison who was sentenced to “life and one day.” After the fellow died in prison, his corpse lay in a casket in the rec yard all through the next day. The guy telling the story vowed on that day never to get arrested in Texas again.

I can see it now:
Five minutes before execution, the phone rings. The warden says, “Hey, Julius, you’re in luck. The governor granted you a pardon. We are only going to kill you once. Hee! Hee!”

little*bit, I know what you mean. The guy was a major drug dealer in the area. I’m sure there is lots of money and property to be confiscated.


When would you EVER want to get arrested in Texas? :wink: