two different questions

A) Why do cats sit on paper?? Do they like the texture or is it something to do with that fact that they know you need that one piece of paper so they sit on it so you have to move them to get at it?

B) Why are you considered incorrect for not having a King James version Bible? Some one actually said this to me at church today. “Hey young lady you have the wrong Bible you need a King James.”

People like the KJAV because they grew up reading it with the thees and thous and shalts and all. It sounds more proper to them because it’s what their parent’s used or what they’re used to, etc. However, their are much better translations available. The Revised Standard Version (RSV), for instance, is much better. There are some newer versions that try to eliminate gender references and other politically incorrect language which detracts from the translation and makes it much more suceptible to cries of inacuracy.

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I would say the answer to (b) is Bible snobbery… no good reason other than someone else likes it. Different versions of the Bible interpret and translate some things very differently.

As for (a)… wish I knew. :slight_smile: One of our cats likes to stand on a piece of paper and scrape her front feet on it, almost like the way she would knead a lap or a blanket. Any paper is good, but ideally it’ll be firm (not too wrinkly) and the glossier the better.

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Manhattan is one of the moderators. Most likely, he’ll tell you that you should have posted your questions seperately, with clear descriptive titles, and that the question about the KJV should have gone either in Cafe Society or in MPSIMS. You’ll get more responses if you’re clear on what your question is about than just by saying “Two questions.”

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Jeez, I never thought the day would come that I’d actually provide a link to Jack Chick’s trash site to answer a question. But here goes his take on different Bible versions, of which he claims the KJV is the sine qua non of the Good Book.

It appears to come down to snobbery based on differing translations and ommitted verses.

Hilary Price of Rhymes With Orange suggested cats like newpapers because the view is better with that extra fraction of an inch lift.

My guess is because of the excellent insulating value of newspapers. Yes, really. Ask any urban pioneer sleeping on a park bench.

My cats both love sleeping on paper, but Trudy LOVES paper in general. She does the kneading thin, but at a comically fast pace, like she’s running in place. She loves magazine paper for this in particular, and can ruin a magazine in a few hours if left to her own devices. Don’t know why the other one shows no interest in paper except as sleeping insulation…


My cat sleeps on my Bible,

I don’t have a bible or a cat.


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