Two Fox News questions

I only ever watch cable news in places like dentists’ waiting rooms and car repair places. Which tends to give me the daytime “top headline” type coverage, and I’m not sure that I’ve ever really got the sense that Fox News is any worse than any other channel.

But, I want to ask: how often does the above happen? It’s trotted out incessantly as a complaint about Fox News, so I assume it’s incredibly common. I googled it and all I got was a reference to Mark Sanford. But I’d imagine that there are numbers for this; most of the time there’s a scandal, I presume?

Another common claim (from the conservative side) is that news story prominantly display the party of republicans in scandals and either bury it or omit it entirely if it’s a democrat. My sense (as a reader of stories) is that this is often the case, but it’s obviously less dishonest than what you allege.

I recall Mr. Murdoch starting Sky News in 1989 when I was in London. While Murdoch certainly exercised a fair bit of editorial control it wasn’t too bad, and in some cases was more balanced than BBC. Even today, Sky News is far more polished than it’s US sibling Fox News.

Keep in mind, anyone who is defending fox news as nonbiased is claiming this kind of shit is OK.

And yes, Fox has labeled republicans as democrats multiple other times.

Okay, that’s three more examples. One clearly coming from a scandal (Foley). I’m willing to grant that there is significance to mislabeling the polling data or Pat Toomey (although, I’m not sure what it is).

Maybe you’ll just call me biased, but I’ve seen enough mistakes in captions over the years (some funny, some offensive), that I’m not sure it’s enough to call it an MO. It reminds me of when Bin Laden was killed and numerous channels made some sort of Obama/Osama error and yet it was a massive Fox News conspiracy notwithstanding its prevalance.

Not AFAICT. It appears to be evidence that [list=A][li]There are more conservatives in the US than the SDMB cares to admit, and FoxNews appeals to a broader audience than the SDMB cares to admit.[/list]If it’s only conservatives who like programs that they agree with, why don’t more liberals watch FoxNews? [/li]

They do watch Fox News, that was my point. It accounts for part of their high ratings. Because they are more likely to access multiple sources of information.

And I think somebody mentioned above older folks, who are more likely to be conservative, are also more likely to watch television news…like, 20 hours a day.

Younger and more liberal people tend to diversify and not get their news solely from cable-news.

My major problem with Fox News is the extremely blurry lines between editorial content and news content. My perception is that their politics haven’t changed much, but the blurring of those lines between opinion and news has massively accelerated in the Obama age. It used to be that you could expect some reasonably sound news from the network between whichever talking head’s show, but now their editorial bias colors virtually every second of airtime.

Another issue I think is that like all cable news these days, they’re running large amounts of fluff and infotainment. But Fox’s own particular blend of fluff tends more towards kitsch and jingoism instead of the more gossip column-y stuff you see on the other networks. That doesn’t really effect their editorial bias per se, but it’s further reinforced their position as the network that “traditionalists” watch and made them all the more gag-worthy for others.

Wait… what?