Two interesting news stories this morning

  1. Man In Oregon Gets Plague From Stray Cat Bite.
    The story reveals that the man was trying to take a dead rodent from a stray cat’s mouth. WTF? Why?

  2. China Puts First Woman in Orbit.
    I wonder if this is a new way to cope with the overpopulation problem. They will keep putting women in space, but not bring them back. Might work better than the One Child Only dictum. :smiley:

It was in his house?

Plague? As in Bubonic Plague? From a cat’s bite? Wow!
I thought that Y. pestis was transmitted by fleas.

It probably came from the rat.

News item from an online Oregon newspaper:

Yeah, it’s not unusual, it seems, a new case every few years in Oregon alone.

Bubonic plague is not really retro at all. It’s always been out there, endemic to many areas.

Heck, in med school I remember the med student society putting on a show where “Having my bubo” was sung!

That doesn’t sound like a lovely way of saying how much you love me.

Lot’s of plague in the Colorado Rodents and critters.

I always wanted to write a cheesy horror movie set at Rocky Flats; Plague infested Prairie Dogs + nuclear waste disposal+ unsuspecting hippies = awesome.

Kickstart that sucker!!

If you don’t write it, I will. :slight_smile:

(I just have to finish my existing one…")


I’m seeing Zhang Ziyi as the plucky astronaut/love interest.