Two newest Whatsit family members!

No, I didn’t have twins. :eek:

After much planning and much foot-dragging on building the cage, etc., we brought home two guinea pigs from the animal shelter yesterday! Due to having had an animal-hating parent, this is actually the first time in my life that I have ever had a pet. We’re all very excited about our two new furry friends. They spent some time yesterday harassing each other, but now seem to have established the pecking order and are settling in nicely.


And Nutmeg

Those are some fine looking guinea pigs. Nutmeg reminds me of my Uncle. Don’t ask why.

Enjoy your pets.

Ummm, both your new pets appear to possessed by Satan. The glowing red eyes give it away.

So who is the butch, and who is the bitch?

They are CUTE!