Two q's on Windows file-handling.

These probably don’t have the desired answers, but might as well try here…

(1) I’ve used several of those File X-tender type programs, but none of them can connect a modern file-open dlg to older (win98-era) executables. They just add bells and whistles to the newer (xp-era) file dlgs. Is there a program that can ‘hook’ the newer dlg, with Recent Places features, into older executables?

(2) Even the newer file-open dlgs can’t or won’t do one action that I need all the time. The dlg won’t return to the same folder unless you ACTUALLY OPEN a file from that folder. Many times I look in folder XYZ, see that the file I want isn’t there but NEEDS TO BE in folder XYZ. So I use Norton Commander to locate and move the file into XYZ. Then I try to open it again in the same program, but the file-open blindly falls back to wherever it was before, because the previous look in XYZ didn’t open anything.

Is there any way to persuade Windows to STAY IN THE SAME FOLDER for two separate “looks” without actually opening a file on the first look?

I can’t speak to (1) except to say that if you’re using win-98 era executables you’re doing it wrong.

As to (2): you say “Is there any way to persuade Windows …”. The problem isn’t in Windows. It’s in your app(s). The app chooses how to call the file open dialog. It can choose to track that info as you want. Or not. Talk to the suppliers of those app(s).