Two questions about PC & accessories

One: How do you adjust focus on the screen? (I have an NEC Monitor, a COMPAQ console–the flat tabletop kind; and Windows 98 Plus!) Sometimes when I switch the computer on the focus is slightly blurred and sometimes it isn’t.
2. I have a Lexmark Z22 inkjet printer. How do I get the printer to stop emitting printed pages in reverse order?

The printer issue-
You should have a “collate”, and a "reverse order " icon in your settings menu. Try checking or unchecking those.

You can focus a monitor if the back of it has a focus control. If not, you’d have to open it up & the focus control is in the back & noted clearly as such on those monitors I have looked at. I don’t suggest you open it up, however, but get yourself a new monitor. But try adjusting the contrast & brightness to make things sharp.

Thanx :slight_smile:

For those that aren’t aware of it, the inside of a monitor has some very high voltages inside it, and just touching or even getting close to the wrong thing can plant you on your backside or worse. The focus adjustment is very simple for someone well versed in electronics, and very dangerous (physically) for someone who isn’t.

If the monitor doesn’t have an external focus and the term “bleeding resistor” for a capacitor doesn’t mean anything to you, then don’t open the case. Period.

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Also meant to mention that a bad focus is often the first symptom that the high voltage supply in the monitor is starting to give out. If it goes out of focus shortly after being adjusted then the monitor may be headed for the great big computer parts bin in the sky.