Two random "ettiquete" questions...

Inspired by real life.

  1. You are parking curbside in a suburban/urban residential setting. You find a legally park-able empty space between two driveways. The hitch (heh - you’ll see why this is funny in a bit): the rear half of that space (the part marked as handicapped access, in fact) is taken up by a small camper trailer. There are chocks under the tires and the trailer hitch is set on blocks. There is sufficient space to park in front of that trailer with no driveway blockage issue or touching any part of the trailer. There is, of course, absolutely no sign as to how long the owner intends to leave it there. You are legally able to, and plan to, park all day (at least 9 hours). Obviously, if you do so, there’s no way to move or hitch the trailer to anything bigger than a bicycle.

Do you park there?

  1. There are two urinals in my office bathroom. One is set higher than the other. The higher one is closer to the sinks, the lower closer to the stalls. I am somewhat, though not very much, shorter than average, and cannot use the higher one without raising myself on my toes.

Men of average height and above: given those two urinals, do you tend to choose one over the other? Any logic as to why? Do you ever consider a potential “issue” like mine when choosing?

  1. I have no problem using that parking space. First of all I doubt the owner of the camper is supposed to be parking it in the street. Secondly, even if the camper is legal, I have a right to park in front of it in an empty space. If there are other open spaces nearby and I’m feeling very gracious I might decide to park elsewhere. But if that’s the best spot for me I’m taking it.

  2. I always use the higher urinal if it’s available. Not because I’m looking out for my height-challenged colleagues; it’s just more comfortable and easier to aim into the higher one.

I’d use the parking spot. It’s usually pretty easy to pivot a trailer like that so as to make the hitch accessible to a car in the street. If its owner wanted better access to it, he could have left the trailer in the front half of the space (and then parked behind it if he needed to park at the time).

Agreement with Gary T: I’m not hopelessly blocking them; a solution exists.

re urinals, I’m a tall bloke, so prefer tall fixtures. But even more, I’m a bathroom wimp, so I’d use whichever fixture is farthest away from anybody else in the place. (And, yeah, I know it’s a minor sin, but I use a toilet stall and close the door, when it is possible and not too grievously an offense.)

I am of average height and prefer to use the lower urinals. Everything just seems to flow better. My favorite kind are the ones with the drain clear down at the floor.
As for the trailer, I would set it afire.

I’d take the parking space too. It’s not reasonable to ‘reserve’ it for someone else who may or may not come back.

I’d use the taller of the two urinals, out of habit. Even if I would normally use the lower of the two, I wouldn’t consider that someone short may come by, unless I have some reason to believe it’s more much more likely than a tall person coming by.

Pretty much the only choice I make in the men’s room based on who might come after me is which stall to use - I avoid the handicap accessible stall if possible.

I hate the lower urinals. I’m average height (5’10"). I call them midget urinals, after hearing a joke in one of the Naked Gun movies: “like a midget at a urinal, I was gonna have to stay on my toes.”

I always use the urinal further from the sink. If that isn’t an issue, the taller one. What if a kid or a shorter person comes in? If some one my height, or taller comes in, they won’t be bothered, but a shorter person will.

I’d park in the space. If you’re parking your trailer in the street, you can’t reasonably expect everyone else to leave a space open for you indefinitely, just in case you decide to hitch it up that day.

As for the urinal question…well, I suppose I’d quickly exit the bathroom, realizing I’d gone into the men’s room by mistake. But in general, I try to leave special-use fixtures for the people who might need them unless they’re the only ones available.

  1. If there was another convenient space, I’d use the other one, if only because I don’t want an unnecessary confrontation. Nor do I want to inconvenience someone unnecessarily. But if that was the best space, I wouldn’t feel guilty about parking there.

  2. I’d choose whichever urinal was the better hight for me. If it’s the shorter one (it usually isn’t, but if it was) I’d assume that I was the among the target “constituency” for it, and that the other was for giant freaks. If the higher one was better, I’d use it and assume that the other was for midgets or kids. In neither case would occur to me to worry that there might be someone taller or shorter who needs it more. For one thing, how would I know which is more likely? And how short, exactly, would you “need” to be to use the short one, if it’s “special”? Below the 50th percentile? >1SD below average? Short enough to qualify for a medical diagnosis? If someone wants there to be rules beyond “which one is most comfortable for me” they should post a sign or something. I’m not a mind reader, just someone of average hight.

  1. I have no parking there. The trailer is illegally “parked” in the disabled parking spot.

  2. Don’t care.