two stroke carburetor adjustments

I have a fairly new small Poulan chainsaw that was purchased and used at sea level. It wasn’t used very much and is in really good condition. Now that the saw is at a bit higher elevation* (4,000 ft), I can start it with the throttle wide open, but it dies when I try to idle the engine. Before I start screwing around with the carburetor, should I try to adjust the low speed fuel adjustment first and then the idle speed adjustment, or the other way around? I’m thinking that the engine is running rich due to the higher elevation. The air cleaner and carburetor are clean, the plug isn’t fouled, and I have fresh gas mixed at 40:1. Does anyone know what adjustments I need to make?

*Ok, it was my wife’s saw (bless her), but she brought it with her when she moved out and married me.