"Two thumbs up ... the butt!"

Headline: Ohio man ran hooker-review Web site

“The bottom line is, I’m not a stickler for appearance, but the minute I start to feel teeth, I check out. I don’t know about you, Roger, but I’m saying thumbs down.”

“There you go again, Gene, bringing your personal preferences into it. There are sometimes perfectly good reasons why teeth would be desirable. It’s all about the context, remember. Occasionally, it’s a valid choice.”

“Oh, suck my uncanny valley, Roger.”

Amusing postscript in the article:


I’m surprised that’s illegal. There’s a very large site which offers reviews of prostitutes nationwide which I won’t link but its initials are TER.

That’s funny, I thought the news stroy was about The Erotic Review.

That’s not the extent of the allegations against him. He’s also charged with, essentially, operating a prostitution ring.