Two Time Atomic Weapon Survivor

This guy must be so lucky.


And I am assuming all is true.

I’d say he must be pretty unlucky. I’ve managed to live my life without being nuked even once.

Personally, I’d be upset about being nuked twice and apparently not developing any superpowers.

Who knows, maybe he was dying of cancer and the double dose of radiation cured him. what a thing to live through twice. I can’t imagine a more justifiably paranoid person in 1945.

Not to make light of it, but I found there was just the teensiest weensiest bit of comedy value there.

Mr. Yamaguchi: “Sir, I’ve just gotten back from Hiroshima and the entire city was destroyed by a single bomb!”

His supervisor: “That’s ridiculous! I’ve never heard of such a th-”


So, there’s a nuclear attack on the city and the trains still run?

But they weren’t on time.

Yeah, everyone who’s ever had a domineering, know-it-all boss can enjoy this moment:

"I was telling my company supervisor in Nagasaki that one bomb had destroyed all of Hiroshima. He told me I was crazy.

“Just as he said that, the bomb fell on Nagasaki.”

Is there a japanese version of 'Lucky Pierre"?


One dog. Missing left eye, three toes on his right rear leg. Major scarring on back and neck. Neutered.

Answers to the name Lucky.


For me, the fact that after having seen and been in the first atomic blast, he still dragged his burned and battered self to work 3 days later is all I need to know about how badly a home island invasion would have gone. Yikes.

Wow! The Final Immunity Challenge is going to be brutal!

Next time on Two Time Atomic Weapon Survivor: Host Jeff Probst spares the rod as two contestants go ballistic.

That there is a real good observation.


It’s funnier if he’s RECENTLY neutered!

You’ve used the same excuse twice for being late for work, If I hear “my city was vaporized” one more time you’re toast…

So to speak.

Enough! You guys are cracking me up.

A friend of ours was lucky, but not quite that luckly. She was of Japanese descent, but born in Hawaii. She decided to go back to Japan to visit relatives in September 1941. Guess where they lived? Right, Hiroshima. When the war started, like so many unfortunate visitors, she was stuck there. She was somewhat discriminated against as she was a foreigner to their eyes, even though she spoke perfect japanese. Probably with an Hawaiian accent.

Anyhow, the night before the bomb fell, she went to the outskirts of the city to visit an uncle. She was outside, looking the other way when te bomb went off, but saw a huge flash. Before she could even turn around, the huge wind hit and flattened her, face down. She remained there quite a while, stunned. When she got up and looked toward the city, she could see the devastation. Her uncle’s house and all others around there were flattened.

She can only guess that the wind that knocked her down kept her from feeling the fierce heated air or fire or whatever that caused so much damage miles away.

She never suffered any of the cancers or other diseases, and died just a year ago at age 85. She was also lucky, but at least did not go to visit Nagasaki. :smiley:

That quote, I am pretty sure, would never really make it in a US paper.

Who here thinks he was really a USAAF spotter?

"radio cracklesorry got on the wrong train, forget Kokura, go to Nagasaki