Two TV Channels per Channel Number?

Maybe some cable guy or EE can explain this: I am staying at a hotel where the TV has some weird characteristics. I figured out if I “type” a channel number into the remote, I will get one network, but if I “type” in a different channel number and “arrow” up or down to the previous channel, I receive a totally different network! For example, Channel 93 is HBO, but if I “arrow” up to channel 93, I get TBS. I WAG the hotel has cable and dish, maybe? …and the channels are fighting for priority? How do the techies explain this? Go ahead and talk technical. (I can take it.) :wink:

The simplest WAG would be that entering the channel number gives you the actual channel with that number, but arrow keys goes through a “favourites” list in its order.

Why ? perhaps got the equipment set so that entering a channel number can give hidden ,adult and/or pay per view, channels ?

Not a bad guess. i should see what other “hidden” channels there are! …Like “easter eggs”, maybe?

Here in San Diego County, those people who still receive broadcast TV get multiple channels per whole number – using a decimal system. You can tune to channel 23.3 or 23.4 etc.

That’s probably everywhere. The broadcast stations of the run several channels. There are entire networks that run on these: ME-TV, This-tv, Comet-TV,and Grit-TV, for instance. But cable companies don’t always carry them.

So why is this happening with TBS and HBO, on a cable/satellite system, for Jinx?

I just stayed at a hotel with the same type of cable system. It was in the Berkshires, so it was within range of several cities.

Using the up arrow to change channels would give channel, say, 8, 8.1, 8.2, 8.3. Sometimes the program would be the same. My guess is that these were the broadcast channels from several cities. But sometimes it went to different cable channels, not listed in the printed channel guide. These were standard cable channels, not ones like what Chuck listed.

Not all the channels had fractions, but quite a few did. I wondered about the why and how of this myself and I’m glad the question is being asked.

Perhaps they have more room with digital. When C-Band satellite became digital, the cost of uploads went down because several digital signals can use the bandwidth that one analog signal required.

I know this. What I don’t know is why they wouldn’t tell their guests that half the channels are not listed on the hotel’s own channel guide or that scrolling upward doesn’t get you to the listed channels without many extra clicks.

My apologies.

Perhaps they don’t know or care.

I found the following with channels like…

3.1 DSI Channel Guide
3.2 MTVU
3.3 Local Origination
3.4 Local Origination
3.5 Local Origination

And on that page it says you need a “QAM-capable TV or QAM tuner”. Searching for that I found…

And found this…

“The actual channel numbers are in ‘tiers’, ie there are three different channel 50s. The three channels will show up as 50-2, 50-4, 50-6 as an example. The actual channel number may be different on your tv depending on the brand and type of tuner that your tv has. Example: in the Towers Lounge the Science Channel may be 50-4, but on your tv in your room it may be channel 50-5. The Science Channel will be 50-(?) ever where on campus.”

OK, even weirder…now all the channels are off by one! How do you figure? And, why is it sometimes, and not others? A smart TV with a mind of its own? :wink: