two whiners meet: dodgy vs yue han

Usually I d just laugh at this, but I it is late, I am worried about something and this here just gets on my nerves big time.

What I am bitching about:

sure, he does have a point but I think it was pretty clear that we were not being serious about it.

He is bitching about that people dont make a diffrence between Asian langauges - but I wrote that it was Chinese and not Korean. That s what pisses me off. So I tell him and he just bitches about me not writing it clearly enough. So I really wonder how I should have done that? Made it blink? or maybe a soundfile?

I just hate it when people have the urge to play my nanny.
Yes, I am thinskinned… but it just pisses me off.

So he is thin skinned about Asian languages - I am thin skinned about mental problems. I used to bitch everybody to death who used the word “manic depressive”, “psychotic”, “on psycho meds” or anything like it in the wrong context. But you just cant do that. Why? Because everybody has a point about which he or she is thin skinned. And if we all just whine on and on and on …

well that s what I am doing right now…

End of story

dodgy leaves the building to get some sleep

PS: the wierd end was planed … and that even rhymes… :smiley:

I’m not going to do this. This is finals week, I don’t have time for this sort of bullshit. Have fun.


Actually, I was under the impression that there is no such single language as “Chinese” per se, but rather variants such as Mandarin and Cantonese whose speakers cannot understand each other.

If we want to get really pedantic about it.

Chinese is technically considered to be made up of lots of dialects, some of which are mutually unintelligible. They are linguistically classed as a single language because they use a common written system and similar grammar and syntax.

When most people say Chinese, they mean Mandarin.

(I have a little time now because I’m waiting for a study partner. Lousy late bastards. If you want a fight, get your shots in quick.)


If it matters, BornDodgy, I had the “What the fuck?” reaction to Yue Han’s post too. I’m not sure he understood what you were referring too, and now he’s just covering his ass.

I think I understand… it’s not that complex…

  1. People were talking about what names mean.
  2. Tatertot said a relative on the Korean side of her family had the last name ‘Yi’
  3. Dodgy brought up the fact that in a book, Amy Tan said that ‘yi’ means ‘liver’ in Chinese.
  4. I complained that Chinese and Korean are not the same.
  5. Dodgy and I quibbled a little while in the original thread.
  6. Dodgy opened a Pit thread.

I’m not sure what you mean by ‘covering my ass’; I’m not particularly worried about recieving any more poorly spelled rants from Dodgy, and if you don’t believe I have finals, I’ll happily email you the 10 page paper I have to write.


Good frickin lord, would you be complaining if somebody did that with French and Italian? They’re both languages from the same part of the world, so you might think there could be some similarities. I don’t know how much crossover there is between these two in particular (apparently very little, if you’re so up in arms about it), but it’s not bad if you have nothing to go on, for god’s sake.

I did that all the damn time; it’s what let me hold a reasonable conversation with Italians even though I can’t speak more than two words of the language. Lay off, and complain to the people who can’t get your major right; that’s something worth getting pissy about.

Korean and Chinese aren’t really the same at all. In fact, every Chinese dialect is completely different from the others.
What I don’t understand is why there’s a pit thread on it. (Sorry Dodgy and Yue-Han, I guess you two have strong feelings about it, but I can’t fathom why.)
Good luck with that Chinese major, John. I’ll stick to French and Italian, myself.

I think the pit thread came about due to the nature of Yue Han’s reply in the other thread. Personally, I happen to have a very high opinion of Yue Han, but I thought his response was rather overboard. While I can understand his frustration, I really don’t think Dodgy did anything to earn such a strong resonse. Her comment seemed to indicate that she thought Chinese and Korean might be etymologically similar. I don’t see it as being appropriate to blast someone for not knowing how different they are.

Also, I tend to give Dodgy a lot of slack as far as spelling goes because (a) she’s from Austria, and I hear they don’t speak English there, and (b) she’s drop dead gorgeous.

well… after getting some sleep (and having another hidious day in school) I dont think this is worth the quarrel either - but yesterday was pretty shitty and I just hate to give in…

PS: Donut complaint abut ma spellin it are vewy goody!