Two-year-old drives into Red Roof Inn!

Unlocked the room (twice), unlocked and started the car. That’s one smart kid!

Red Roof says they’re not going to prosecute.

Okay, the car was unlocked to begin with. The report I initially heard on this was incorrect in that regard.

page with exterior photo of the wrecked motel room

You know, I’m sure the Mom was scared and mortified at the time, but, when he turns 16, this tale is going to come in really handy.

Don’t modern cars have a lockout mechanism where you have to hold down the clutch to start it? How old was this car? Or how could a 2 year old hold down the clutch?

We had a similar instance happen around Edmonton a week or two ago.

A 3 and 5 year old (or something like that) took it upon themselves to borrow Moms car and go to McDonalds for a treat.

I don’t remember how many thousands of dollars in damage they cost.

Oddly, I found it kind of humorous when I heard about it. :wink:

It took me 13 years to do something similar. This kid’s got some real potential.

Why do you assume it was a manual transmission? Honda Accords are overwhelmingly automatic transmissions these days.

Never mind. Reading more closely, I now see that it was left in first gear.

While you may need to push in the clutch to get it started, sometimes the car will make a big lurch before dying (I know, I have a manual Accord and have done stupid stuff like that). That’s probably what happened.