Two years sober

Ditto to this quote above, and BIG CONGRATS TO YOU! :D:D

Please, I’m really not trying to hijack this thread, but I got the official diagnoses of 1) alcoholism and 2) PTSD today. I enter the outpatient intensive therapy for The Drink on Wednesday. I don’t quite know yet what will be done for the PTSD.

I wish us both that “the best is yet to come.”

Best of luck, Atomic Mama.

Congrats MG!


Remember this for parties: Good tonic water on the rocks with plenty of lime looks and tastes much the same as as a vodka with tonic. Hell, it pretty much tastes the same as a gin and tonic, if I didn’t pour it. Sure, tonic is nasty, and while the lime will help prevent scurvy, even the good tonic doesn’t have enough quinine to actually treat the malaria we’ll see more of thanks to global warming, but you can sip it and giggle and have much the same fun as if you were really drinking. Part of that fun is shocking friends who thought you were sober. But always order it yourself and watch the barkeep. Some people think it’s funny to slip you something you don’t want, but that’s standard bar advice.

The down side of sobriety, as you’ve probably seen, is how embarrassing your drunken friends can be.

Congrats, my friend. I am very happy for you.

I don’t drink - I never have, and I don’t spend any time in bars if I can help it. Do bartenders really put alcohol in drinks without the buyer asking for it? That seems criminal to me, and also stupid. Booze is more expensive than soft drinks - why sell vodka for the price of tonic water (for example)?

Congratulations! Maybe you’ll find that missing eighth note.

The days of Mickey Finn are gone. It’s more a problem at parties or when somebody else buys you a drink. They may do it unwittingly, not knowing you’re dry, or they may do it on purpose: as a joke, because they think nobody should be sober at THIS party, or because they want you, specifically, to get drunk. Some even resent your sobriety, complaining you’re “different” or “not as much fun” sober. Remember the roofies scare? This is a lot more common.

Atomic Mama, my dad self-medicated his PTSD with alcohol. Good luck, stay strong, and remember there’s usually a member of the SDMB’s answer to AA here if you need to talk. And anybody who capitalizes The Drink is okay in my book!

Congratulations! Good going! The Rest of the World says Thanks and really wants you to win and be happy!
And, you know, if we can ever be of service…


Hi Atomic Mama, I have that same dual diagnoses as well. There can be some complications in treatment so I hope you are working with a good therapist.

If you want, you can PM me anytime.

Thanks, all. :slight_smile:

I haven’t encountered that, but I have encountered bartenders who had serious trouble understanding I wanted my cocacola with cocacola and a bit of ice hold the lemon, suffered relatives and other asholes insisting that “you haffff t’ d’ink! How can uuuuuuu 'af fun if iuuuu 'on’t d’ink?” (the worst offender now claims she hasn’t drunk in her life - yeah sure, and fishes ain’t never done no swimming), and even had to leave a company function because three assholes of which one was unfireable were drawing straws to see which of them were going to hold me down while the third one dumped a whole bottle of whisky down my throat.

Best wishes to you as well, Atomic Mama. I know that in the next few days and weeks there will be times when things will be really bad for you; I hope they’ll get back to being a lot better than they are now in as quick and painful way as possible.

Come what may, in the days ahead, never EVER forget that you have slain a mighty dragon. Whatever tests present themselves, remind yourself that you prevailed over a powerful adversary.

Stay strong Dragonslayer, and props to you!:smiley:

Well done, congratulations! I quit 35 years ago because I was a pig and filled my quota too soon. You can do it. The fact that I have stayed immature has been a tremendous help. You age but it isn’t compulsory to adult!:smiley:

Congratulations EmilyG. Good for you!

Congratulations, EmilyG! I think that was a wise decision, and you showed grit to see it through for 2 years!! All that strength, and such a talent for music, wow!!

Good luck to you,** Atomic Mama**, may the days, weeks, months, years to come bring you peace and joy.

Congratulations. What a wonderful accomplishment! You’re doing fantastic.

Two wasted years

Eh? I hope that whatever you mean by this, it’s not as bad as it sounds.

Two years of restoring health, friendships, finances, self-respect and so on are obviously well worth the not-picking-up-the-bottle. But I think for some there’s a kind off “through the looking-glass” effect:when you’re drunk, surfing that ocean of booze, it can be a lot of fun, despite the law of diminishing returns. And from there, sobriety looks like nothing at all. Nothing, just the absence of booze.

And from a sober standpoint, it looks equally useless to be drunk and listening to drunks all the time. Why would I want to leave this life of relative comfort and reasonable sensibility to lie down in a pool of piss? “The broken bones…the broken homes…the total degradation (a tip of the hat to Firesign Theatre).”

De gustibus I guess…