Tylenor Warming Liquid for colds

What’s in it that supposedky makes you feel warm when you take it?

Does a warm feeling have any truly therapeutic benefit, or is this just
advertising crapola?

My guess is that the warming sensation is nothing more then the Honey Lemon taste. I haven’t seen a commercial for it, do they actually say it makes you feel warm, or are you just inferring that from the name?

I never heard of it (it’s Tylenol, typo in title). The ingredientslook like any other nighttime cold remedy, Tylenol, cough suppressant, and antihistamine. The inactive ingredients for the honey lemon version don’t list honey, although maybe that’s covered by “flavor” :rolleyes:.

I don’t see anything in there that’s not in NyQuil, although you can hide a lot in “flavor.”

ETA: Oh, and a “warming sensation” will not cure a cold (IANAD) except to make you feel comfortable while you’re waiting to get better. Sitting in a steam room makes you feel comfortable too but doesn’t shorten the course of the illness. In fact this whole product is just to help deal with symptoms, not cure the cold.


And I’ll be surprised if someone here doesn’t drop by to verify it.

My SWAG is that the “warming sensation” is caused by alcohol, which is present in NyQuil as well.

No alcohol in this medicine.

There is no therapeutic benefit, it is a symptom reducer only. And even that effect is pretty marginal, according to most reputable studies.

Generic acetaminophen would provide comparable benefit at a lower cost. The benefits of both dextromethorphan and antihistamines for cold symptoms are pretty much nonexistant.

That sums it up nicely. Thank you.

The antihistamine is mostly to put you to sleep.

It’s a crappy sleeping medication too.

So’s NyQuil (however it’s spelled) - at least in my opinion. I tried it fairly recently, and there was no sleep in it for the Owl.

Considering that the SAME product (TYLENOL® Cough & Sore Throat Nighttime) is available in two flavors – Honey Lemon Warming Liquid and Cool Burst™ Liquid – I suspect that it’s the flavoring.

It pretty much knocks me out. So does Tylenol PM for that matter.

You guys are just not using it as a mixer… :wink: