Type of bird that makes this nest?

Found this while walking the dog this morning. I have seen plenty of different type nests, but never one with such a smoothed-mud lining on inner surface. It was found under a large American Elm upon a roadway. Rather windy last few days, so that is likely cause of it falling (??).

The underside of bottom of nest consists of dead grasses and no twigs/wood at all, just the grass with mud kind of caked into it, like a starting point to place the twigs and sticks, I guess. Approximately an inch thickness of the grass/mud fell off of bottom on way home, so the underpart of nest is notably thick (compared to most other nests this size, IME). There are two coins in pics (nickels) for size reference, fwiw.

Pic 1 Pic 2 Many thanks for any help, and location is southern Central Oklahoma.

Also, there was a broken in-half shell of a small bird about 50 feet away that was colored kind of a pale green/blue. More greenish than bluish, if that makes sense. Shell size total is probably about inch to inch-and-a-half end to end (rough guess). The egg is possibly not related to nest at all since I find plenty of similar eggs after very windy days but nests found by those are without any mud incorporation, so to speak.

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However, the American Robin makes a nest of grass, often with a mud lining. The eggs are robin’s egg blue.

Looks like it could be a Robin’s nest, especially since the egg you found sounds like a Robin’s egg.

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That is the first robin nest with mud I’ve ever seen, and I have seen dozens (at least) as I have helped ‘save’ a number of them after storms, etc. Even hand-raised a few babes for a few days until I could get them to a rescue place. A first for me - appreciate it!

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