Typical loan rates on rental property? Mortgage brokers?

If current rates for top quality home buyers buying owner-occupied are 4.5% or 5% 30 year fixed, what is the rate for someone buying a second single-family home to rent out? I know rate fluctuate, I’m just asking for the spread. is it half a point? 5 points? (And I know bigger downs, I’m just looking for rates.)


When we started looking we were told the rate would probably be 1/2 a point higher for non owner occupied.

I looked into this last week. I was quoted 4.5 (paying 1 point) to refinance my primary residence. I asked about a loan for an investment property and was told that 5.75% if I paid 2.5 points with 20% down and if I could stretch to 25% down that the rate would be a little better.

Was it fixed or adjustable?

Also, what if two people were on the loan, and it was the primary residence for one of them?