Typo/error on MSNBC Olympics coverage page?

I’m confused, but if you go to the American Medal inventory page here you will note that we have two silver medals for Fencing in women’s individual saber. Are they actually further sub categorized or is this a typo?

Oops, nevermind, found the error. They must have corrected it now because when I originally posted it showed both names in fencing as Bronze, and now it correctly says Gold and Bronze.

Move along, nothing to see here.

Doesn’t surprize me in the least, considering that the sports editor seems to think that Czechoslavakia is still a country.


I wouldn’t sweat it. Earlier today CNN was reporting on its web site a headline link stating Phelps had won three gold medals. The linked paged showed the accurate information - two golds and a bronze.

Of course, Phelps has since won a third gold.

Three gold and two bronze at last count.