U.N. - Relevant or Impotent?

In light of Iraq disregarding the spirit and letter of so many U.N. resolutions regarding the disarmament of Iraq, I think this is a relevant question.

Why should Iraq (or any other nation) think that additional resolutions will be enforced, when so many have been violated?

How many lines in the sand can be drawn before the U.N. acts ot becomes irrelevant?

Personally I wish the USA would secede from the U.N. Perhaps the U.N. would make a nice 51st state? (joking there:p )

I think it’s already clear that the U.N. is IRrelevant and Impotent. The question should be “When will we get rid of the massive mess that the U.N. has become?”

The UN is obviously relevant since we are spending so much time talking about them here and the US is spending so much time making its case to get UN support.

It is only as impotent as its member states make it.

There is an anecdote from the sixties, high time of the cold war.
(No, I do not have cites, but do you need that for an anecdote ?)

The UN is an institution where things vanish.

If two small countries come to the UN with a conflict, the conflict vanishes.

If a small and a big country come to the UN with a conflict, the small country vanishes.

If two big countries come to the UN with a conflict, the UN vanishes.

The last thing happened exactly to its forerunner, the Völkerbund.
It went into oblivion when Germany and Japan decided to ignore it and had grown big enough so it mattered.

So, just forget the whole thing?
Remember, there are only two ways for small countries or people or ethnic groups to be heard by the world: Go to the UN or go terrorist.
Take the one…

Apparently to Iraq, North Korea, and Israel, the UN is irrelevant. And whether or not the UN sanctions a US war on Iraq it will become more irrelevant to the US. Relevancy is only in context to the individual nations and those willing to enforce the will of the UN.

I can confidently say that without the ability and will of the US to make the UN relevant to Iraq these past few months, that Iraq would not be bothered any more or less than what they can do to get around the sanctions imposed upon them. And they have been doing that even with certified UN banner bearers. Jordan and other surrounding nations undermines the sanctions and has practical free trade with Iraq. Israel just flat out ignores resolutions because no country is willing to enforce the relevancy upon them.

The relevancy of the UN is only as substantial as the members are willing to make it. There is no God-given mandate to the UN that others must adhere to. Might may not make right, but in this case it sure as hell makes relevant.

I dont think the amount of time spent on topics on message boards points to its relevancy. Otherwise, “Ask the Gay Guy” threads would have long ago been international news! :smiley:

I think the case we are making to the UN is that we are doing what is in our interest regardless of how they vote.

Do you realize how much an apartment in the UN building would rent for? I think they should go co-op or condo. Manhattan needs all the living space it can get! I think its time!

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