U of Colorado bio profs receive e-mails threatening to kill evolutionists

Story here.

Apparently evolution, at least of this particular species, remains a sadly incomplete process.

Odd that they oppose evolution, yet want to artificially select for non-evolutionist professors.

Your rage burns with the fire of a thousand suns! I can feel it!

And me, too! My rage burns with the fire of TEN thousand suns! Especially this part!!

Those BASTARDS!!! Sliding anti-evolution pamphlets–under the DOORS! How dare they!


why is this in the Pit?

Presumably because of death threats, not the mere distribution of pamphlets.

For the record: It wasn’t me.

However, evolution can be very dangerous. Or not.

Do you seriously think the pamphlets were intended for any other reason than to underscore the threatening emails?

Kind of like a gangster threatening a potential victim by sending pictures of the victim in the mall. “Hey, I wasn’t saying it would be easy to get to you to kill you – I just took your picture and sent it to you!”

On preview, what Giles said.

Does anyone else feel that these increasingly violent reactions are a sign of desperation…that the battle is pretty much lost at this point? Or is it just me? I have to admit, I don’t see any logical reason why someone who was sure of their faith and their position would threaten someone else because they take a contrary view. If you REALLY thought you were right and the other person not only wrong but most likely damned, wouldn’t you just smugly sit back and let them have enough rope to hang themselves (in the afterlife of course), supremely confident that God will surely know his own…and punish the wicked Evholootionists in his own time?


Yes, I can see where the people who placed the pamphlets may well have been unaware of the threatening emails.

I’m not saying that has to be the case, but it’s certainly possible.
They should be investigated, for the reason you presented. I just think it’s early to assume that it actually was part of a coordinated effort. (I’d be more ready to believe that were the case if the linked article had said that this was the first time that such pamphlets had been slipped under the doors. When they say that the email communications had been ongoing for a period of about a year, but don’t mention pamphleteering, it’s the implication, but I’d prefer to know for certain.)

Not really.

Dangerous? It can be downright deadly!

Dick Cheney?

Just you. The decision to resort to violence, sadly, quite often *doesn’t[/i mean that an ideology is about to give up the ghost. If that were true, the Middle East would be a much more peaceful place than it is today. I’d say that it was more likely that the fuckwits have decided that conditions are right for them to be able to do this stuff and get away with it.

YMMV…myself I don’t trust those kinds of polls. They are like polls asking about drug use, or abusing goats or something. I think people answer as they THINK they should, or as they think others would.

I don’t see why these wack job groups would be getting more violent if they feel they are winning…I’d think they would be getting more complacent and smug. Just my opinion though.

Well, if you expand ‘Dick Chaney’ to equal ‘Bush and the entire Administration’, then I think the answer is: Classic case (since you seem to like cryptic two word replies). :wink:


Maybe. I’ll just chalk it up to wishful (or maybe wistful) thinking on my part then. C’est la vie.


Neither do I, but it wouldn’t be the first time.

Point taken, but I can’t think of any other method to determine how the majority of people feel on that (or any other) particular issue other than gut feeling, which I assume is what’s leading you to believe that the anti-evolution cause is “lost.”

(Much as I would like to personally believe that’s the case, my own “gut feeling” tells me the poll numbers are probably closer to the reality.)

If it were me, I’d ask questions about specific facts realted to Creationism, and see how many people give the Creationists’ answer. For example, ask the respondent, “How old do you think the planet Earth is?” Or else, “Do you think people and dinosaurs lived at the same time?” I’ll bet there are a lot fewer Creationists than we’ve been led to believe.

Well, there was that time PETA got upset over the research on Chlorella plasmids, until they found out Chlorella was a type of algae.

Sadly, I don’t think that’s true in this case. Only authentic creationsist would see this as a moral question. I don’t know anyone who accepts evolution who is afraid to say so out loud or would publicly present as a creationist in order to conform to what they think is a majority or to avoid seeming “immoral.”

Also, the fact that 51% of people would say that God created humans as is shows ignorance if nothing else. Although the EvC question appears to be soliciting “opinions,” it really just reveals a level of knowledge. Peple are either informed or they are not. This poll shows that 51% of respondents were not informed.

(For the record, I do not assign the same ignorance to those who said they believed in some form of guided evolution. That may be unfalsifiable but at least it doesn’t contradict or show complete ignorance of actual known facts)

Come to think of it, there is a logical reason, if you begin by accepting the premises that spiritual salvation comes only through faith in Christ and doubt can lead to damnation. From the POV of some who believe that, evolution is not only a lie, but a lie that undermines Christian faith and threatens the loss of souls. I’ve actually read the argument expressed in words to that effect in Chick tracts. So what’s a lousy little death threat if it will get the evolutionists to shut up?

It’s the same thinking that underlies the perceived duty of Christians to evangelize (that, and Christ’s recorded express injunctions on that point).

And when you think about it, the theory of evolution does undermine Christian faith even if that faith is not based on Biblical literalism. Even more mainstream forms of Christianity believe in Christ as our Savior, that is, as a substituted sacrificial sin-redeemer. This is necessary because Adam and Eve fell from grace, therefore all their descendants are born in Original Sin. But if the narrative of Genesis is false, and there is no such Original Sin, what need have we of Christ to redeem us?