U of Washington alums, help needed!

My daughter is attending the UW this year as a freshman, and an important question has arisen.

Is the main library, Suzzallo, pronounced suh-ZALL-o or SOOZ-uh-lo?

She swears it’s SOOZ-uh-lo, but I figure, heck, she’s a teenager, what does she know? :smiley:

I’m not an alumni but I used to live in Seattle. I’m pretty sure it’s sue-ZALL-o.

Video where student pronounces it that way.

As a student, I worked in the building for four years (2nd floor, serials collection).

I, and my coworkers all pronounced it soo-zuh-low.

I thought it was just “the library”

Accent lightly on the first syllable, not the second.

It’s SOOZ-uh-lo.

I attended UW before they built the “new library” (OUGL). Everyone I heard say Suzallo, said it with the accent on the first syllable. But since there was only one library at the time, most people just said “the library”.

I bet Mr. or Ms. Suzallo said his or her name with the accent on the second syllable, though.

Heh heh; looks like the kid was right! :smiley: Thanks to everyone who responded.

UW grad chiming in here to say that I mostly heard SU-za-lo, though I think a few people did accent the second syllable.

I’ve heard both but probably 70% SOOZ-uh-lo, 30% suh-ZALL-o.

Yep, I heard both somewhat frequently when I was there, but I’d also give the edge to placing the stress on the first syllable. I don’t think would be considered particularly wrong to say it the other way. At least, I never heard anybody correct someone who had put the stress on the second syllable. :stuck_out_tongue: