U.S. foreign policy opinions? U.S. vs. European perspectives

Since we’ve all been debating U.S. foreign policy so hotly lately, both in GD and in the Pit, I thought y’all might be interested to see the results of a nonpartisan comparative study on current U.S. and European attitudes in re: the U.S.'s actions on the international scene lately, with special attention paid to Iraq, the Middle East, and terrorism. Details, including specific results and survey methodology, can be found at:


So what do you guys thinnk? Anything unexpected there? Issues with methodology or results? Inquiring minds want to know…

First of all, I’d like to say that white text on a grey background makes that menu bar really, really, really hard to read. They should change that.

The only question I have right now is on the ICC deal. They said that they got a high response for people who supported trying terrorists in an ICC. But I am attempting to find the exact question, as I’d like to see if the question gave them a choice between trying them in the ICC or trying them in domestic US courts. So far, I am having zero luck finding that question on this website, plus, the website is seriously screwing up my computer so I have to shut the browser down.

I’ll try it again later tonight, but if someone can post a link to the exact questions, I’d much appreciate.

Well, the questions seem to be in .pdf format, which my computer hates, plus the questionnaire and tabulated responses for the one I’ve managed to download so far were 167 pages long. So far I’ve just taken a peek at the key comparative findings.

Wah!! That’s one mother of a pdf file. :eek:

The list of question topics is on page 3 of the “U.S. – Key Findings” file, but I don’t see any questions offhand that sound like they apply to trying terrorists in any kind of court.

Most depressing statistic: Question 735, page 46:


To a great degree: 21%.
To some degree: 18%.
Not very much: 17%.

Not at all: 40%.

Not sure/decline: 4%.

More people said, “Yeah, that’s…kinda…well, yeah, I’d have to say that…that’s pretty much Islam for ya”, than said, “Nah, no way.”