U.S. Naval bases in SE Asia

My neighbor insists the U.S. has only TWO (2) Naval Bases in SE Asia–Japan and Philippines… is this correct?

According to this site, the US has Naval bases in Japan, Singapore and Korea. The Naval bases in the Phillipines were closed and demolished several years ago.

Thanx! I got the impression that Singapore only allows “visiting” U.S. naval ships, I presume then, that U.S. naval personnel do not “visit” long enough to actually reside on the island.

Singapore does have a US Naval Base here. Trivia: The ISA rounded up some guys who were planning to bomb it.

Nitpick: Japan is a very long way from Southeast Asia.

We also share the British naval/air base in Diego Garcia, a tiny island south of India, but still a long way from Singapore, Japan, or pretty much anywhere else.

Diego Garcia is still there, eh? I guess the pebble thing hasn’t worked yet.

(For the uninitiated, the custom upon leaving Diego Garcia is to pick up a pebble and carry it away with you in the hopes that, if enough people do this, the island will cease to exist.)