U.S. strike on Afghan hospital in 2015 not a war crime: Pentagon

Reuters report

Well, thank goodness for that. Nothing like an independent investigation to clear the air. :slight_smile:

In order for it to be a crime, there has to be intent. Do you have evidence that there was?

You misunderstand me. I don’t think it was a war crime at all. But how do we persuade the Afghans and other countries of that by an investigation like this? It’s like the fox investigating the raid on the henhouse

Not so. It couod be Involountary Manslaughter, as defined under the US recognized criminal codes. Or Constructive Manslaughter, in which there is malicious intent to commit a crime which is not by itself the murder of the incidental victims. There is certainly evidence that the USA dropping bombs in a non-threatening foreign country was done with malicious intent.

If you are speeding through a schoool zone and several kids are killed by “human error, equipment failure and other factors”, is that a crime?

The finding is that it wasn’t a war crime, so comparisons to civilian law are a bit off. They also are still taking disciplinary action against those involved, effectively ending some of their military careers, so it’s not as though they just said “Eh, no big deal” – it just didn’t rise to the level of being a war crime.

Shit happens. The incidence of shit happening can never be reduced to zero.

They’ll have to take our word for it. Because that’s all there is. A UN investigation isn’t going to find any more evidence or be any more credible.

Pay them off, pay to rebuild their hospital, and that’s the best that can be done.