U.S. Troops In Georgia?

Now that Russia and Georgia (the country, not the state) have gone to war, I wonder if the U.S. troops we sent to Georgia a few years ago as “advisors” are still there and what will happen if they get fired upon.

They are still there, and it’s a concern. Presumably, they will head for someplace not on the Russian target list. :eek:

Exercise Immediate Response 08 just wrapped up. This was joint training with US and Georgian troops. This was pointed at the Georgian upcoming deployment to Iraq were they have troops currently. Troops practiced joint patrols (buddy and squad level) so everyone was familiar with how the other side acts/reacts. Most if not all troops are since back - main bodies early in 1st week of August (I was back on the 1st.)… There may be a few “turn-out-the-lights” guys.

There are a few limited trainers still present - different program. Mostly interoperability stuff; you don’t want to ask for an air strike when you want an airlift. Planning logistics is a big area as well - don’t shoot the supply convoy. Troops will be in a secure area or held on a very short lease as far as reporting positions and movements.

I believe the figure I read was 130 advisors. I’ll hunt it down later. :slight_smile: