U20 World Cup

Is anyone following this? The USA was in probably the hardest group (Brazil, Poland, S. Korea) and blew through it like they were playing Grenada and Trindad and Tobago. Freddy Adu, who regularly gets abused by the older players in the MLS, is looking like Ronaldinho against guys his own age. Last night the US beat Brazil 2-1 in a fantastic game. Adu set up both goals, and on the second one he split the Brazilian defense with a brilliant move. It is at the 6:45 mark in this video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EmExheyGwKs

These are the first two of three goals scored by Adu against Poland. The Polish commentators are just a tad understated, especially when you are used to the Mexican guy on Telemundo.



The longer version of the whole game is here, with the English announcers gushing about Adu. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_DgOkYb01ZI&mode=related&search=

Is Freddy still under 20?

He just turned 18 last month.

Yeah, he’ll still be eligible for the next U20 WC. The U.S. is playing great. And Adu has been spectacular.