UFO spotted in Mars sky. How long before the crackpot theories come out?

It appears that Spirit has snapped a picture of an unidentified object in the Mars sky. Scientists think it might be Viking 2.

Yeah right.

By the looks of it, there’s no doubt this thing is a Plutononian school bus on its way to Venus. Or New Mexico.

Don’t be ridiculous. Everyone knows Plutonians are home schooled due to the prohibitive commute times.

This thing is clearly a rod.

“How long”? You think you need to wait?! The story appeared in Fortean Times online this AM.

But they just linked to the BBC article! I want my crackpot theory now! Waaaa! Where’s my conspiracy?

Has anyone called NASA to remind them that Mars is right next to a meteor belt!

Asteroid belt.

You know, as in “flying monkeys coming out of your as-ter-oid”? :smiley:

What I want to know is, is this some kind of affirmative action bussing situation, or are we looking at a privately funded transport system for privileged Plutonian children? If it IS plutonians on their way to Venus, why the heck are they doing that when they have a perfectly good planet of their own? The funds used to pay for these interplanetary busses could instead be put towards good public schools on planet Pluto itself. Who’s paying for this program anyway? It better not be coming out of any funds that Earth contributes to.
And there should have been some kind of public hearing process about this. How can they commute right across our solar system without having to at least open a thirty day comment period beforehand? I swear, the school systems in this solar system are going to hell…

Blame the plutocratic goverment of Pluto. :wink:

Well, at least it’s theirs. Not like our own bunch of lunatics.