UFO, the tv series

In my opinion this was one of the coolest/weirdest shows ever to run on television. What’s a good site devoted to it? (I don’t have a reference to search except for the word “UFO” itself; only about 30 million hits.)

Try this:

I think “UFO” rocked.

Not like other series at all. It’s been a while since it’s been on SCI-FI, and unfortunately there are no videos currently being produced.

The TV show UFO was one of my all time favorites.
It is a shame that It didn’t last longer than two seasons.
it seems like all the best shows die early.
Thank Ghod for reruns.

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Trivia: Gerry and Silvia Anderson’s first TV series were with puppets, like Thunderbirds, Joe 90, Stingray and others I can’t remember offhand. (Most of you probably already know this.) Do you know why these puppet series were all science fiction?

It’s very difficult to make a puppet to do a convincing-looking walk. But if your character is sitting at a console a lot, or riding in a futuristic vehicle a lot, he’s not going to be walking very much, is he? G&S admitted this to Starlog magazine about 15 years ago or so.

UFO was probably the best of the live-action series they made. Certainly the most bizarre episode was the one where the lead character (Ed Bishop?) was made to believe that his organization was, in reality, a TV show! The episode showed him wandering around the sets and the cameras revealing that they were just sets and you saw the film crew and the alien girls were just English lasses wearing makeup and that car was a fake and so on. It may have even been the final episode. Whichever one it was, it was truly weird.



With all due respect, either I didn’t see that one (there were only 26), or you’re mis-remembering the one called “Timebenders,” in which everything is frozen in time (except Straker), and he is indeed wandering and wondering. But that was the result of some alien/human spy skullduggery.

Actually, there was only one “season,” but two segments. That is why there were some cast changes in the major supporting roles.

Granted, the SFX were crude, but the storylines were so much better than some other contemporary programs–and not so predictable as the same program might have been made on this side of the pond.

The organization created to fight the aliens was called S.H.A.D.O. for Supreme Headquarters Alien Defense Organization. Shado consisted of monitoring satellites, a fleet of submarines called skydivers, land attack units called Mobiles a base on the moon with defense craft called Interceptors.

Very cool show! I still have my SHADO interceptor Dinky toy, which fires a mammajamma big missile.

Still have my Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle, too, from “Captain Scarlet”.

Launcher may train without warning.

Cool show. That & Space: 1999, I think the SciFi channel is missing some great shows.

Wasn’t the game X-Com: UFO Defense loosely based on this show? I read that somewhere, although I’ve never seen the show OR played the game.

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Mjollnir, I hate to do this, but you should fully explore a web-site before you provide a link to it: http://ufo.simplenet.com/eps-short.html According to A Short UFO Episode Guide, the episode you referred to is Timelash and the one I referred to is Mindbender. There were only 26 episodes, TL was #24 and MB was #25.

BTW, did anyone else see Space Precinct? Not Gerry’s best effort. I watched it when there was nothing else on and couldn’t fall asleep.



Oooops! Now don’t I look like a dunce?! But, hey, give me a break. I had come across that site some time ago, and was (obviously) working from memory on the title. Yeah, I could have looked into it to get the exact title, but I felt as though that would have been cheating. But anyway, sorry for the misunderstanding.

I haven’t seen “Space Precinct.”

And so far, no one has mentioned “Stingray,” and that was one of my favorites. I really liked Marina. :slight_smile: