UFOs in Jaws


Has anyone ever noticed the 2 UFOs that appear in the movie Jaws?

They appear just after the scene when they try to shoot the shark after singing “Show Me The Way To Go Home”? Has anyone ever investigated what they are?

Does anyone know if Steven Spielberg has ever mentioned them?

And does anyone know if there are any other movies where UFOs appear in the background?



The 2 UFO’s, (Unidentified floating objects) were beer cans . . .


Looks like a meteor to me

From imdb:

Yeah, I thought they were supposed to be shooting stars.

There are a couple of meteorites that appear in the background in Jaws - is that what you’re talking about?

That’s the ones but the 2nd “meteorite” is flying diagonally down the screen, enters a cloud and doesn’t come back out the other side. So where did it go?

They’re only “meteorites” if they reach the ground. Most meteors burn up pretty rapidly and only produce short trails - which ought to answer your question.

Here’s a previous thread discussing the meteors: http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?t=68135&highlight=jaws+meteor

In summary: Spielberg has apparently claimed that at least one of them is genuine, but the consensus among the learned members of the SDMB is that they have to be special effects.

Well that settles that!

Would be interesting to know what date they filmed the scenes. According to wikipedia filming started on 2nd May 1974 at Martha’s Vineyard in Masachusettes. Also a meteroite landed in Connecticut on 27th May 1974. Is it possible they are the same meteor or part of the same shower?


OK that made me smile. Thanks.

This other Spielberg flick.

Hehe. Would be very surprised if there were no UFOs in that film. But does any1 know if there’s any other films where ufos/shooting stars/meteorites appear accidentally in the background?

If you look closely, you’ll see one or two in Close Encounters.

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I’m not sure how to search for that. But, any rural night scene would have a chance. Sometimes us city folk forget how much is up there in any clear night sky.

A meteor FAQ page (I highlighted sporadic for this link)