Ugh. Computer is being very bad. Please help.

Windows 8.1 (I haven’t updated yet, mostly because we use cellular data for our internet as there are no better options out here.)

The other day, the computer locked up and I did a hard re-start because it didn’t resolve itself.

When it turned back on, I get “scanning and repairing drive,” then “Repairing disk errors, this may take more than an hour.”

24 hours later, it’s still repairing errors. So I restarted, tried again, same thing. And again. Ditto.

I do have the system recovery disk, but I put it in the CD slot, and the same thing happens. How do you use the recovery disk if you can’t get the computer to boot?

I’m over my head here. Can someone walk me through what I should do? Please?

Sounds like your hard drive is failing. And that your recovery disk either isn’t booting, or is only trying to fix the hard drive. You may just need to get a new hard drive, and then put in your recovery disk. Though you might want to get a professional involved to be sure.

Is it a desktop? Do you just have a recovery disk, or do you have an installation disk? do you have an installation disk for anything? like WIN7, or XP?
ETA: can you get to BIOS? You may have to set BIOS to CD 1st boot device to use the recovery disk.


OK. I got to BIOS. Thank you.

The disk I have says “Operating System, windows 8 recovery media.” I may have something else somewhere, but we moved recently and frankly it’s a miracle I found the one disk.

What should I do now? (Take it to someone who knows what they’re doing?)

I really do appreciate the help.

Do you have a backup?

Buy a new hard drive - or rather, take the opportunity to buy a SSD - boot off the system recovery disk, reinstall Windows and applications, then restore your data from your backup.