Ugly Breakup Stories

Why the hell would she lie and say her husband was dead if she were divorced? Either way, she’s still lying, definately a break-up worthy event.

Agreed, if you want to break over it, you got a right.

However, getting on the phone and saying “I’ll stop
sleeping with your WIFE” (emphasis added, duh),
I think that’s going off half-cocked.

If it’s only half-cocked he wasn’t doing it right anyway.

Uh, bup?

First of all, she lied to me and hid her martial status from me for six months, and you think I went off “half-cocked?” I had every right to dump her lying ass on the spot for doing that to me.

Just because honesty and trust aren’t important in your relationships, doesn’t mean they aren’t important to me.

Secondly… I better be careful with my accusations because my SDMB username is “Smug?” Now that’s funny coming from someone called “bup”. (What’s a bup?) I guess “burp” was taken. What does my username have to do with anything? FYI - my username is along the same lines as calling a big guy “tiny” and bald guy “curly”, but I didn’t expect you to see that initially. I’d explain it to you until you understood fully, but I don’t want to get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Thankslunasea for pointing that out to him, I thought it was obviously “breakup worthy”. If bup’s standards are considerably lower, that’s bup’s problem.

dpr- That was kind of funny. Completely UNTRUE! - But kind of funny.

Glad to see you took it in the spirit it was intended ** smug **. :slight_smile:

If I may intrude on your other conversation for a sec, I think what ** bup ** saying is that because the daughter still has a live daddy doesn’t necessarily mean she was still married to him.

Yes, she lied and yes that may have been enough cause to dump her. But I have to admit my first impulse when reading it was to wonder if you’d stopped to inquire whether they were seperated/divorced or whatever.

Of course having said that, you may not have been able to trust her answer anyway.

No judgement here.

When I was in my late teens I had one girl I broke up with write a letter to my very religious and conservative mother!:eek: In it she told how she performed oral sex on me just so I wouldn’t break up with her: “…To keep him happy I put his penis in my mouth! My mouth Mrs. Bites, my mouth!” This sob letter went on about how I stole her virginity, cheated on her, then broke up with her because I thought she was pregnant! The cheating and pregnant thing were 100% untrue! But that letter created a ruckus in my family that lasted alomost a year! Every now and then my mother would ask me… “Do you ever run into that Joan that you were so mean to?”:rolleyes: The absolute truth is, I found out “Joan” was cheating on me, so I dumped her. She decided to go on the offense and sent that letter. I had some big problems in my relationship with my parents for a real long time after that!

My bad, ugly breakups are countless.

Instead, I’ll tell you about my oddest one.

I was seeing this young lady for several months. I was 21; she was 24 or 25, had just finished college and was in her first year teaching at my town’s school.

It was pretty steamy for a few months. We professed our love for one another (although in hindsight I don’t think that was true at all). Then after school let out, she moved back home to her parents’ for the summer, about four hours away. We talked a lot, and I visited her once that summer.

She then took a job at another school that, fortuitously, was about 30 minutes away from where I was going to be transferring for college to finish my bachelor’s degree. I was obviously excited about that, and she seemed to be.

My best friend and I moved her stuff for her, into her new place. When we were done, she said something to the effect of that we could still see each other, but see other people as well. I was furious. She tells me this after we drive two hours away to move all of her heavy shit? I told her this was completely unacceptible; forget it; goodbye.

Why do I bring this up? Well, since I walked away from her door at that moment, I’ve never seen her or spoken a word to her since. That was like 12 years ago. It was the cleanest, most efficient break-up of my life. I mean, they never go like that.

>>my username is along the same lines as calling a big guy “tiny” and bald guy “curly”, but I didn’t expect you to see that initially. I’d explain it to you until you understood fully, but I don’t want to get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
So you’re saying you’re not smug?

***Thwack!!! Thwack!!! Thwack!!!