Ugly Breakup Stories

I had been with my girlfriend (I’ll call her “Shereen”) for 2.5 or 3 years, and we had lived together for most of that time. While I was with Shereen, I met the woman to whom I am currently married (I’ll call her “Carolynn.”)

Once I met Carolynn, I realized that she was the woman I wanted to be with, and that Shereen was clearly not. Without getting into a lot of details, life with Shereen had become quite unpleasant. I eventually got up the nerve to break up with Shereen - fairly ugly at the moment of impact, but I suspect she saw it coming, so not too too terrible. Until 2 weeks later….

I’m at work in my little office in the library, and I walk out to go to the card catalogue. I look up and there’s Shereen walking towards me. I think to myself, “This is good. Work out the last details, and make it a fairly amicable break.”


This went on for what seemed like an eternity, although I suppose only really lasted a minute or two. Remember, we’re in the middle of a library.

After this explosion, she turned and stormed out, filled with fury and what she thought was righteous indignation.

The funniest part of the story is, I really did have chlamydia, as did Carolynn and Shereen. BUT, prior to me moving out of Shereen’s life, Carolynn and I hadn’t even held hands, much less done the wild thing. In other words, Shereen and her whoring around brought the disease to me, and not the other way around.

Anyone else want to share their horrible breakup stories?

The summer before my freshman year in college, I was dating this guy, matt. He and I had a lot of fun and I enjoyed his company. Right towards the end of the summer he finds out that his uncle is willing to pay for a trip to Alaska to visit him. He would leave in 4 days, and not come back for a month! Not inly that, but his “first” gilfriend, Angela that took hs virginity lives up there. All of a sudden he starts wearing a gold “A” on his chain. I ask him about it, and he says he has always worn it. (yeah, right:rolleyes:) The day he is leaving I finally ask him wether he has plans to get back with her. He of course blew it off, and said “yeah, so?” Then he goes into this long tirade about how he has girlfirends all over the country, and he has never plead fidelity. (LIAR!). Well of course I broke up ith him right there. And then he left.

The rst of the summer whenever someone asked me about him, I told him that “He left me for Alaska” I of course went into a story of “why”:smiley: He wasn’t happy when he came back, but didn’t blame me either.

BTW, Whe he got up there he found his “girlfriend” engaged with a 10 month old baby. heehee. he beggeed me back, but I was laready dating my husband by then. Tough luck!

Well my boyfriend in first grade signed my yearbook “Your boyfriend Jordan” and I signed his “Your girlfriend Jessica”. When we broke up we both took our yearbooks and crossed out the words boyfriend and girlfriend and wrote worst enemy. Sigh, that is depressing. I still have the yearbook too.

When I was in the Army, I flew home one weekend to suprise my girlfriend. I suprised her and a friend of mine hanging out in her apartment, she in only a robe, he in only shorts. Yeah, sure you were just talking bitch. I started grabbing my stuff and calling her names and she tried to blame me for not telling her I was coming into town. We ended up in the middle of the street yelling at each other at 2 in the morning.

What pissed me off worse than that though was when I ran into her like 6 months later. She was all chatty and pleasant and trying to be best buds again, like nothing had ever happened. Grrrr. You hurt me bitch, just go away!

Dude. When I first read this part, I was thinking… you know… “engaged.” That was totally freaking me out. Some wierd shit. Then my brain clicked over and the real meaning hit. But still… that’s some funky shit, thinkin about a chick and a 10 month old baby. Fuckin’ sick, man.


One of my best friends taught me a lesson in breaking up. He’d been dating a young temperamental lass and finally her attitude and the distance between them (it was a semi-long distance relationship) got too much for him and he decided to finish it. Now being a nice guy (and she wasn’t too bad either really) he felt a bit guilty and planned a nice evening to assauge his conscious. Took her out to one of the most expensive restaurants in the city. Then he had ‘The Talk’ after ordering drinks.

She took it reasonably calmly. A little upset but not too bad.

Then she ordered lobster, the most expensive champagne and two desserts. It cost him an absolute fortune.

The lesson: break up AFTER dinner.

But dpr’s post reminded me of a breakup story I read about in Jim Bouton’s follow up book to Ball Four, “I’m Glad You Didn’t Take It Personally”.

Story goes that a guy wanted to break up with his girlfriend but desperately wanted to avoid a scene. Was then told by his friend that he should take her to a fancy restauarant: “She’ll be too self conscious to make a scene or cry.”

So he does. Breaks it to her, right over the Caesar salad.

Whereupon, she stands up, and in a voice that can be heard on the East Side docks, screams:

“All you ever wanted to do was fuck, FUCK, FUCK!”

and stalks away. But right before she leaves the dining area, she hits him with a parting shot:

“And you weren’t even any good at that!” :eek:

Guy drapes a napkin over his head for awhile before mustering up the courage to leave…

Again, I don’t know if the story’s true, but it’s a hell of a story!

All I know is ‘Shereen’ is a great punk song by ‘ALL’.

My break-up story is ugly in a different way. I was involved with a woman for around 4 years. We lived together off and on throughout. At one point, I asked her to marry me. (she was legally married to someone else at the time, and I knew this)

We broke up about 10 times. She dumped me 4 times, and took me back 4. I dumped her 6 times and took her back 5. Most of the times I dumped her were because she slept with her husband. I considered this her cheating on ME. (they were seperated, but still married) The last time I refused to take her back, a decision that has caused me both pride and remorse.

The ‘ugly’ part was the manipulation, mind games, intentional emotional injury, and property damage we inflicted on each other during each break up. It taught us both just how twisted and immature we both were at the time.

Somebody had to tell you that?!?

I suppose it ought to be called UN-common sense…

I never had an ugly breakup. Everyone who ever broke up with me did so in a mature manner ensuring that we could be friends afterwards.

Yer pal,

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I had this really awful breakup one time. I had an extramarital affair with this really hot woman one weeekend, then went back to my wife as though nothing had happened. I told the woman I had the affair with that I didn’t want to see her anymore, and she practically exploded. For the next I-don’t-know-how-many months she was stalking me, claiming to be pregnant, threatening to tell my wife, kidnapping my daughter (she only took my daughter to an amusement park, but still…), and finally she snuck into our house and put our pet rabbit in a pot of boiling water on the stove. Finally, I let my wife know, and the other woman still didn’t stop stalking us. She finally tried to kill my wife with a kitchen knife and my wife shot her.

No, wait … that wasn’t me. That was Michael Douglas and Glen Close.

You’re a funny guy, Satan. A funny, funny guy. hehe

I couldn’t even begin to describe what I went through when I got my rude awakening. I was trusting, and in my naiveté allowed myself to be used.

But I’m all better now.

Thanks Max…I was about to ask Satan what parallel universe he was living in. :smiley:

Boy, I got raked over the coals big-time in college. I was engaged to a girl who turned out to be sleeping around with quite a few other guys. I found out only when one of our mutual friends confessed to me that I was “not the only guy she called her boyfriend”. I confronted her and was crushed to find out the truth. Then three days later I walked in on him and her in bed. Turns out that the confession was planned to get me out of the picture. The rest of the story slowly unraveled after that. A lot of people knew but never said anything. The real sad part wasn’t losing her, it was that I lost almost my entire social circle at the time - most of whom were too gutless to say no when she hit on them when I left the room. I even had one (former) friend who admitted to me, quite shamelessly, that he had been reluctant to tell me that he knew my girlfriend was screwing around behind my back, because he figured that might ruin his chances with her. And he failed to understand why I would respond to that comment by telling him he was no longer my friend.

On top of all that, I was extremely naive about people back then, having come from a very sheltered home life. The fact that people can be so thoughlessly cruel was a hard lesson.

It was a good many years before the effects of that experience wore off, but they did. Getting “over it” is still the best revenge…

I have never had a “good” breakup. I figure they are like unicorns and the like, they don’t exist. Usually I do the dumping, I don’t drag it out or anything, once it’s over it’s over. The only time I was dumped ( also my first “boyfriend”) was tough at the time.

I was 15 and had been dating this guy. All of a sudden I hadn’t heard from him in a long time. I assumed this was his childish way of breaking it off. Fine I was sad and got over it. A few days later he phones me and says he had been in the Youth Centre (what a catch!) and was unable to phone me due to the fact he was in isolation. He wanted to reassure me that he wanted to stay together. The next day he dumped me. Hmm, why did he bother?

The worst one I was a part of was not even a break-up. A friend of mine had professed his “undying” love for me. I was not impressed seeing as he had been one of my best friends for a few years and the feelings were not reciprocated. However, I was sensitive of his feelings and was trying to be understanding of he efforts to woo me. Once I started dating my current bf, I was dreading telling him just becasue I knew he’d be so hurt. Turns out I didn’t have to. My bf left a message on my machine saying “See you later babe, love ya”, my answering machine recorded it as the outgoing message. My friend called and got it “straight from the horses mouth”. Granted, I should’ve told him flat out, it was ugly.

I have had two good breakups, a whole bunch of “could have done better” and four or five really shitty ones.

One of the good ones happened when I got a good job offer out of state and had The Talk about either long distance relationship or moving with me or breaking up. We kept it up to the last minute and then just said goodbye. If I go back we still can see each other and she would be a friend “with benifits” (to refer to another thread).

The second was a mutal sliding apart. I can’t even say who started it. But I would call and it would take a day or so for the return call. Then it would be 2 or 3 before I called again and then another 3 or so before she called me and so on until it was just a wave and a “hi” when we saw each other in public.


I dated Paul for all of three weeks (this was in '92.) He obviously took our “relationship” more seriously than I did. When I told him I didn’t want to see him anymore he threw a glass of water at me. Actually, it was a Big Gulp cup full of water. When I was leaving he ran after me and tried to offer me ten bucks. He wanted to pay me for being his whore (we never slept together.)

It was almost surreal.

A couple of stories to share…

I went out with a nurse for six months who worked in the evenings. She said she was a widow at 34 and her husband and the father of her 7 year old girl, had dropped dead from a heart attack on some golf course.

I believed this until the day I was over at her apartment and her seven year old daughter answered the phone, handed it to her mom and said, “It’s Daddy.”

I said loud enough to be heard by the caller,
“Oh the DEAD one!” That must be a REALLY long distance phone call."

She cupped her hand on the phone and turned white.

Then I walked to the extension phone and told the husband.
“I’m sorry - I was told you were dead. I won’t continue to sleep with your wife anymore like I have been doing these past six months.”

I hung up the phone and left, never hearing from her again.

Another time, after my GF of 14 months dumped me on my birthday with a phone call. I was pretty devastated.

She called about a week later as if she did nothing at all.

After I told her I missed her, she said she missed my family and my cat.

I responded angrily by saying what I missed most about her, was her tits and my bathroom being clean.

I never heard from her again either, and I’m glad.

Uh, smug?

When you got on and said you were no longer going to sleep
with his wife, didja think that they could maybe be

Not dead, still, of course, but if you’re going to call
yourself smug, you gotta be careful with your