Uh Oh! Still no WMD

Uh Oh! Still no WMD

Meanwhile, it looks as if the Tuwaitha nuclear facility in Iraq has been looted. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

The question is not where they are, but rather what happened to them. To dispose of such a large stockpile Saddam would need something capable of large scale destruction. Therefore, the lack of these types of weapons in Iraq is clear evidence that Saddam not only had, but has used Weapons of Mass Destruction.

-shamelessly stolen from “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”

Now that is some sweet circular logic!

The Monkey With A Gun shamelessly stole:

The question is not where they are, but rather what happened to them. To dispose of such a large stockpile Saddam would need something capable of large scale destruction. Therefore, the lack of these types of weapons in Iraq is clear evidence that Saddam not only had, but has used Weapons of Mass Destruction.


Wait a minute. Wouldn’t that be a Weapons of Mass Destruction Destructor?



Sorta has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

You know, if you have like dyslexia. Or something. Ha-ha.

slinks away

You don’t think he had 'em? Ask the Kurds what they think.

Well, I haven’t asked them, but I’d imagine they would have been more than happy to see those WMDs gone before the massacre '88.

Oh, sorry. I forgot. The “insane and ruthless” dictator was one of your goverment’s fuck buddies in those good old days.

Uh Oh! More mindless partisan bullshit!

Man, it is getting funny. All of the sudden, the right has become the humanatarian force of the world. Too bad, they could give a fuck less to the guy starving on the street corner in their home town.

Personaly I don’t care if they find them or not. I just feel good for those people that are free from that crazy asshole.

No, people won’t be free from that crazy asshole until after the 2004 elections.

Wow, it’s fun to join this partisan mudslinging!

The question is not whether he had 'em but whether they exist today. I think the Kurds knew sweet fuck all about the answer to the latter question, same as GWB it seems.

Uh Oh! Strawman.

I’m stationed in Iraq right now. WMD or not, looking around at this place it’s hard not to feel that getting rid of Saddam and his regime was a good thing. Seriously if you were here, talking to these people, I think you would have a hard time arguing against the war.

I know, I know, I know, “If all that is required for us to invade another country is that they have a brutal dictator in power, why haven’t we invaded countless other nations?”

I don’t know to be honest. I do know that now it’s all said and done I think we did the right thing here. I admit I had serious reservations about it at the onset. Seeing these people, talking to them, seeing the enormous amounts of wealth in this country beside squalor and poverty has been the most eye-opening thing I’ve seen in my 33 years on this planet.

I agree with Cecil that we would have been better off waiting for UN approval but, when you cut down to it, the Iraqi people are better off today then they were 6 months ago. I don’t mean they have new library cards and can soon expect 24 hour shopping. I mean look anywhere in this country you still see the dramatic signs of brutality, oppression and neglect.

Give this country five years though and it will be the jewel of the Middle East.

WMD evidence is coming. With the exception of the U.S. and British Military there are very few other countries or agencies here yet. We seem to be focused on standing up a functioning government, on getting the first steps of a democratic process in place. Considering the state of anarchy that still exists here, I think that’s the correct thing to do.

When the WMD, evidence is produced, and I honestly feel it’s only a matter of time, will it matter? Not much I don’t think.
Raoul D.

How much time Raoul?

Thank you for serving in the Armed Forces. I have 12 years active duty Navy behind me also. I can appreciate that sacrifices that you make.

We had the top echelon of our government crowing to the world about the imperative nature of taking out S.H. NOW! No time for deliberation. No time for inspections. We were in immenent danger!

Bullshit! He was just another sawed off runt of a dictator that stood in our way. No more dangerous or cruel than many other out there. He sits on a “sea of oil”, he is a great steppingstone into the Middle East. Gotta figure out a way to handle the Saudi stuff without actually saying it.

I am ecstatic for the newly liberate Iraqi’s. Hope they run with the football they were handed. A whole worldful of people wish they were in their position right now. But alas, no oil in their dirt.

The spin now is “We liberated these people!” The WMD stuff is wearing thin right now.

In my humble opinion, the WMD issue was never good enough of a reason to invade in the first place. Let’s try counter spin. The POTUS lied through his teeth. Never about WMD’s, never about liberation. Strictly political and monetary gain.

Congrats on your “victory”.

Bush sez: “If you got rid of your weapons of Mass Destruction, then show us the evidence that you did.”

Saddam sez: Nothing.

Bush sez: “No evidence, eh? Bomb 'em!”

I’m sorry, but the idea of “innocent until proven guilty” no longer applies to those proven to be guilty. All the evidence necessary to justify going to war was Saddam’s own silence.

So, you know he had them, because when he used them he obviously had them, and you didn’t make him not use them because you didn’t want to know he had them because there was another power in the region that might have had them and might have used them, but now that the other power may or may not have had or used them you don’t care anymore because whether they have or had them may or may not matter, but since he had them and used them and that was okay then but not now then it’s important that he prove that he didn’t have them even though he had them, or that he used them all when he used them when you knew he had them, because the fact that he had them and may or may not have them now was the vital determining factor in invading now, but not then when he did have them, and the fact that he didn’t use them now means that he has to prove that he didn’t have them when he used them or that he had and used them when he had them the first time?

I’m just sayin’.


Freakin’ lawyers. :wink:

Interesting take. Pity the conversation really went like:

UN sez: “Show us proof you got rid of the WMDs.”

Saddam sez: “What, now?”

UN sez: “Yes, now.”

Saddam sez: “Oh ok, there you go.”

Bush sez: “What about the other stuff?!”

Saddam sez: “What other stuff?”

UN sez: “Bush sez you have other stuff.”

Saddam sez: “Well have a look for yourself.”

UN sez: “OK.”

Bush sez: “They got other stuff! He’s hiding it! Quick! Quick!”

Saddam sez: “So you want me to produce evidense that I’ve destroyed stuff that I say I’ve never had and the UN can’t find?”

Bush sez: “Yeah, now! Or we invade!”

Saddam sez: “And they call me the mad one?”

Bush sez: “Right! Time’s Up! Here we come! Give us those oil wells! Oops, what a give away! I mean; Give us those WMDs! Er, hang on, can’t find them… Free those people! Yeah, that’s it! Free those people!”