UHF (Weird Al's Movie) Out On DVD!

I saw it on a close-out rack at my local Ingles supermarket for $9.99. That’s always been one of my favorite “cult” comedies.

Now, if they’d just release The Last Polka (at least on VHS!)
I’d be a happy boy this Christmas!:smiley:


$9.99? i had to pay $12.99!!! (but i did get it like 2 months ago)

I got mine for $9.99 at Best Buy a few months back. I think there might have even been a thread about it here at the time.

This is FAN-tastic. I will pick a copy up in the next few days. $9.99? Great.

Been out for a few months now. I got it brand new for under $10 at deepdiscountdvd.com (free shipping too)

check out dvd eastereggs.com, UHF has some of the best easter eggs i’ve ever seen.
Please excuse me, i’m off to SPATULA CITY.


Great movie, great DVD. I got it at Circuit City several months ago for $9.99. Michael Richards, before he SOLD OUT…Timmy

I’ll have to. :slight_smile:

“Where did you get that lovely spatula?” “Spatula City, we sell spatulas - and that’s all!”