'Uigi you worthless ****, get in here.

Sparc: Missing “is” between “Acceptance” and “here.” My apologies.

Matt_Mcl: C’mon, you can’t strip the context out of the words. I thought the normal interpretation of his post was “It’ll never happen, sorry to say.” Pessimistic in the extreme, but possible. And I hear the Gay Mafia no longer breaks coffee table legs – you’ll just never get theater tickets, and not know exactly why…

Obviously, if one goes out looking for slights, you’ll find them; the English language, as Sparc so capably shows us, is prone to even accidental misinterpretation, deliberate misinterpretation for purposes of condemnation even more so.

Forgive me for treating people as individuals, and not assuming offense intended until I give them a chance to clarify.

Just one man’s opinion,

“Tonight, on The Falsettos . . .”