'Uigi you worthless ****, get in here.

I have known for a while that 'Uigi is an ignorant hateful bigot. Now he has finally crossed the line.

In a thread asking What will it take for gays to gain acceptance in American society? he responded with this vile bullshit:

Get the fuck out of here shitstain, your presence is not desired in civilised society.

'Uigi’s presence shouldn’t be desired by ANY sort of society!

Let’s just show some more of this particular bigot’s work.

Totally Off Topic, but GRENDEL, as one of the female pursuasion, I would really appreciate it if you did not use that term in the title of a thread. Maybe you’re unaware, but it is pretty offensive to a lot of us girl-types, even when it isn’t directed at us personally. I mean, if it’s in a thread and I see it and it bothers me, I can back out and not be in that thread. But I can’t really avoid it when you’ve put it in the thread title.

Just my POV, but please consider it.

Equating “C—” with 'Uigi is in insult to female genitalia everywhere.

Equating “C—” with 'Uigi is in insult to female genitalia everywhere.

I see your point Jodi, and if a kindly mod chooses to bowdlerize the title I wouldn’t object.
I was honestly too pissed when I read squeegee’s post. Too many gay teens actually do commit suicide, but I still should have cooled down before posting… Actually, that’s not going to happen- I’m still pissed off and disgusted that someone could say something so sick.

—I guess pyro-necro-beastiality based relationships can’t be far behind, huh?—

If people are going to kill animals and burn them to eat them, I see no particular reason why they can’t kill them, set them on fire, and then have sex with their dead flaming corpses. Other than the risks involved, of which they are hopefully willing partakers of.
I’m not sure how anyone could build relationships around that, but hey: love is a many splendoured thing.

At any rate, I’m sure David Cronenberg will be making a movie about it shortly.

Anyway… is he still here? And Kirkland is gone? Yeesh.

Some people manage to fly under moderator radar, matt. I mean, shit, JDT lasted several months before his ass got shown the service end of a hot poker…

I feel rather left out, that I haven’t been directly insulted by 'Uigi. I mean, I’m sure he hates me and is disgusted by my vileness, but it would be nice to know . . .

What have you done to be hated, Eve? Did I miss something?

Really? I don’t. Jodi, I do appreciate that you were very polite and reasonable with your complaint, and I’m not out for blood or anything, but how is calling someone a “cunt” any different from calling them a “prick” or a “cock?” Genitalia of both persuasions are constantly used as insults in languages all over the world because they’re “naughty.” What’s so special about the word “cunt?” it has a delightfully British feel to it, and I like it.

Do you object to wimps being called “pussy?”

<Hijack>IMHO, Jodi has a very valid point.</Hijack>

So I see the Squeege guy is to much of a chicken shit to even attempt to defend his words.
He has a long standing history of posting drive by hate speech without following up in any way. How in the fuck is that not considered trolling?

One of the ways we’ll know if Gays are gaining acceptance here on the SDMB is when they stop taking every asshole to the pit for invented bigotry.

I agree, Uigi’s linked comment was over the line, primarily because it wasn’t funny, and deserved a mild pitting, or even calling him a Bad Name. (It’s tough keeping all your offensive sensitivities from clashing, eh?) Yet instead, it’s the SDMB patented Gay Mafia Over Reaction! Yes, we can never get too much of that. Apparently.

As for the rest of the “bigoted” comments, rather than bigoted, they’re precisely the opposite. I know plenty of military men who speak like Uigi – without bullshit – no doubt certain hot house flowers here take exception to strong language, but sometimes equal treatment means equal abuse.

Yea, it’s the Gay Mafia. Really. We’ll break the legs on your coffee table.

I don’t think it’s an overreaction to Pit someone who suggested that one good way for gay people to gain acceptance is to DIE. Imagine if he had said that about black people, Jews, or women.

Do you rearrange furniture instead of rearranging faces, like in that Far Side cartoon?

Since when don’t gay people have acceptance at the SDMB? Oh that’s right I forgot… they belong with the Jews and the Arabs, the Roma and the black people… the barely tolerated who need to prove that they are just as human as “real humans” before they can open their mouths, right?

Let me hand you a resounding Fuck You for that post Ace actually Fuck You With a Vengeance.


Then in the interest of equality, I must tell you that you’re an ignorant slob, a bigoted prick, a fucked-up loser with the brains of a retarded maggot and the soul of a bulimic vulture. Your persistent idiocy makes the average two-year old look like a PhD candidate; at least they’re trying to learn, whereas you’re happily wallowing in the fecal contents of your own skull. You’re the offal of society, the inevitable scraped-from-the-bottom-of-the-barrel scum which validates everyone else’s existence; at least, we can all say we’re not as bad as Ace0Spades.

You’re a hateful, stupid, disgusting example of the worst of what can be loosely termed as human nature. The day you die, there will be a celebration by the whole human race, to witness the average IQ on the planet leap upward.

Now go fuck yourself with a jackhammer, you shitpile. Maybe that’ll keep you from talking out your ass for a while.