UK ADSL router

Hi all.

My flatmate and I want to set up ADSL access for our two PCs. I already have ADSL, which I access through a modem, but I want either of us to be able to access the internet at any time (regardless as to whether the other person has their PC on). What kit do we need to buy, what is the process of setting it up? We are planning to set up an ethernet connection anyway, so we could use this to connect to a router.

Finally we will both want to play internet FPSs, so do we need to have an IP address each? If so, do we need to get specific equipment.

Many thanks


Basically, plug the modem into the ‘WAN’ port of the router over eithernet, and plug the two computers into lan ports.

Some Internet games support multiple computers behind one router, some don’t. Look in the game manual for further information.


Thanks, but I really need a bit more advice on what features the modem would need to have, there seems to be quite a variety. Also, is it possible for the computers to have seperate IP addresses?

Many routers are also ethernet hubs/switches - just plug your network cable into the hub. It is also common, at least in the UK, to have the DSL modem incorporated into the router. I think this is less common in the US where modems are often supplied as part of the connection contract (is that true?)

Most cheaper DSL modems require a USB port so normaly you need at least one PC to be on. You can either just replace that modem with one of the modem/router combos or get something like theVigor 220USB where you plug the USB modem into the router.

There is lots of good info and advice forums at ADSL Guide