UK Dopers: Good Electronics Store?

I’d like to buy an internet radio as a gift for a friend. I want to see it in person so I can hear how it sounds and how the remote feels, but I can’t find any at the shops in my area. PC World and Comet are pretty much useless in this regard. I’ve not found any independent shops around here that carry them, either.

I know the collective of the Dope can succeed where the Googleplex failed. If it makes a difference, I’m in East Anglia but I’ll travel anywhere on the island.

Have you tried the large retail chains such as Dixons? You’d think you’d be able to find such a gadget there.

Which doesn’t make it a GOOD store per se, just a diversely stocked one, I should add. :slight_smile:

(ETA last sentence.)

Maplins is the best for all things electronic IMO. Hopefully the following link will reveal the nearest store to you:

Got a Maplin near you? I’m guessing you’re in Suffolk, so here are your nearest branches. They have a good looking internet radio for sale at the moment - though they’re not incredibly cheap.

Blimey, there seems to be no shortage of Suffolk boys around here at the moment :slight_smile: …I doubt the Maplin in Ipswich is going to offer you much, I suspect Cambridge is going to be a much better option to try first, depending on where abouts you are.

Maplin? Huh. I’ve been to one in Cambridge (Newmarket Street near Asda) and in Norwich. I’ll have to look closer. I know that this seems like a stupid question, but I’m new to England so I don’t know much about much yet. I saw PC World, Comet, and Maplin as I was driving around. I haven’t seen a Dixon’s, and oddly can’t find a store locator on their website.

I don’t mind having to go to London or elsewhere, I just need to know where to go. When I move to a new area, I like buying things not online. I usually learn the lay of the land and discover things I never would have found otherwise. It may not be the cheapest way to get things, but it does get me out of the house.

Gorillaman, I’m near Newmarket. When I arrived I stayed in a hotel in Suffolk but moved to Cambridgeshire. I guess I should change my location, but usually when I remember, BT seems to have problems with my lines.

If you’re up for a trip to London, head for Tottenham Court Road. Dozens and dozens of stores there (with some really hard selling sales people).

ETA other stores to consider would be Richer Sounds (very cheap) and Sevenoaks HiFi (very nice)

There are no Dixons shops any more. They only operate online these days.

What you want is a Currys. Here are some in Suffolk :

Great call! I may hit the train tomorrow or Monday for Tottenham Court Road. Looks like an hour by train from here then 20 minutes on the Tube.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

Didn’t know Dixons closed its UK shops, sorry! Oddly enough, the Dutch ones are still open.

Richer Sounds is a good suggestion as well. I guess I need to visit the UK more frequently and keep up. :smiley:

(I used to visit London every other weekend when I was in a relationship with a girl who lived there, but in fairness, that was 7+ years ago now.)

I visited Tottenham Court Road today. It reminded me of Akihabara in Tokyo, but with British prices and full of Indian people. I ended up getting the internet radio from, can you believe it, PC World. It was a great experience traveling on the train and tube. I can’t wait to do it again.

Again, thanks everyone for your help.

It wasn’t really big news because they didn’t really close. Currys and Dixons are both owned by DSGi and in mid-2006 they rebranded all Dixons as currys.digitals and Dixons became an online only retailer to try and compete with Amazon etc.

The Dutch arm of the company was sold off long before the re-brand so that’s why they’re still called Dixons.

Ignorance has been fought indeed. Thanks. :slight_smile: