UK Dopers - the Orange Film Commission Board

We’ve all seen those short adverts from Orange before the film starts at the cinema - big name actor/director pitches their new movie to the Orange Film Commission board, board tries to insert as many things to do with mobile phones into it as possible, along with lightsabers and hobbits, actor/director leaves in a huff, board congratulates itself for a job well done - under the caption “Don’t let a mobile ruin your movie”.

Now after that horribly long run-on sentence, my first question, because it’s driving me crazy, is: who are the actors playing the members of the board? I know I’ve seen at least the American (in fact I’m quite sure he’s reasonably famous) and the balding ginger guy in things before, but I just can’t place them.

My second question, to provoke some nice discussion appropriate for Cafe Society is: which is your favourite?

Personally, I still love the first one with Carrie Fisher, partly down to the fact that the concept was new and pretty dang funny, and the imagery alone of a period piece with lightsabers had me chuckling to myself for days afterward. Saying that, the new one with Sean Astin is also great (“Hobbit has left the prrrecioussss fooood!”)

For those who haven’t seen them, I spotted the Spike Lee one here

I think these are great. Makes a real change for me to enjoy an advert at the cinema. My favourite is when Alan Cummings runs into the lamppost, but they’re all funny.

Do they run these in the US? No?

I don’t think so, certainly not at the cinemas I’ve been to over there.

No, they don’t. I saw the Spike Lee one last time I was in London, though. Pretty funny. I wish someone’d archive them on-line.