UK employer drug testing and ADHD?

I’ve just had a job interview, which is great, and I’m feeling fairly confident about my prospects. Regardless of whether I get this position or not, one thing I am a little concerned about is the potential for a pre employment drug screening.

I am currently taking Concerta for my ADHD (with a valid prescription obviously). I am not intending to declare it as a disability, and all of the advice I’ve been given has reached a solid consensus that this is not something to tell an employer, at least initially. I don’t like this, but I can’t afford to lose an employment opportunity right now. I obviously believe that I can do the job, even without my medication, which is working very well at present (but not something I can rely on not changing).

The advice I’m seeing right now is that prescription drug information shouldn’t be passed on to the employer by the testing company but that this is more a good practice thing than an actual law. It also seems to suggest that not declaring the medication may result in losing the offer with no chance to offer a defence and that if the employer does get hold of the information not declaring this as a disability might reduce what protection I have.

For the record, I’ve had the interview, I’ve not been asked about disability or medical details thus far with regard to this role, but I’m not absolutely sure I haven’t filled out something more general with the agency.

Anyone in the UK had experience with this issue?

what field are you interviewing in? I have never been required to take a drugs test when interviewing for jobs.

Product safety and regulatory type stuff. It’s hard to be more specific without narrowing it further than I’m comfortable with.

The company involved evidently does use drug tests for UK employees although the cases described seemed to be more on the “working near big whirring machinery” side of things. It’s an American company.

I think it’s probably unlikely I’d be asked in this case (especially as it hasn’t been mentioned thus far), but I don’t want to be caught flat footed it if I am asked. And it’s obviously something that may come up again in the future.