UK general election. Out of country voting?

I shall be in Australia during the time of the general elections in May, but I would still very much like to cast my vote. Is it possible to do this via a British embassy or something like that? Do I need to register somewhere? Any info would be helpful, thanks.

This web page might answer your question.

Incidentally, the UK does not have an embassy in Australia. It has a high commission in Canberra, and consulates in some of the state capitals. However, it looks as if you can’t vote at them.

You need to apply for a postal vote by 20th April. BBC article here.

Curiously, my flight is actually on 20th April. Thanks for the information guys. I figured postal vote would be the way forward.

Don’t forget that no election has yet been called, although as that BBC article suggests, with the budget date already set it does seem that May is likely.


By law the last possible date for an election is the first Thursday in June, so yes, May looks highly likely.

The actual rule is that you need to apply eleven working days before polling day.

Which may complicate things for you. Although you can apply any time before the eleven-working-days-before-polling-day deadline, your ballot paper will not be sent out until after that deadline. So you will have to provide them with an address to which you would want it sent after that date. How practical that will be for you will depend on your exact travel plans. Also, although you do not have to give a reason to get a postal vote sent to the address at which you are already registered, you do have to give one if you want it to be sent to a different one. You also need to consider whether you will then have time to return the ballot paper, as that, of course, needs to be received back in the UK before polling day.

The alternative would be to apply for a proxy vote.

Either way, follow this link.

It probably would be easier to nominate a proxy. When I was out of the country, my father cast my vote for me, and the whole thing was very easy to arrange (it must have been, I have no memory of arranging it. I just remember him calling a couple of times asking which party to vote for).