UK has 100 tonnes of Plutonium

According to reports we have stockpiled enough Plutonium to manufacture 17,000 nuclear bombs, that’s right Seventeen fucking thousand!!

So why and for what, are we planning on taking over the world or are we just doolally :dubious:

I think it would behoove the United States to make friends with our British cousins.


Doolally?! :eek:

Why don’t ya store it on your East coast for a little while, eh?

The worrying thing about this is:

Where is it stored and is it safely and constantly under armed guard cuz we don’t want any dipshits getting ideas do we?

Doolally=Stoopid :smiley:

Mostly it’s a by-product of the civil nuclear power programme and in any sane world it would be being used to produce greenhouse-gas-free power in a new generation of power stations. Instead it sits there as a tempting target to any enthusiastic terrorist. We can’t even get rid of it as nobody will make the decision to build an underground repository.

Generally “doolally” means mad or eccentric rather than stupid. From the transit camp in Indian where British soldiers waited for a boat home and, in some case, went of their heads from boredom :smiley:

More or less as I said, not a full shilling

The Civil Nuclear Constabulary… they’re routinely armed and they’re hiring.

Because if we have it, it means someone else doesn’t?

Look its just a hobby for chrissakes !some people collect stamps , some people collect autographs ,we collect Plutonium .
You dont get people giving Philal,Philatele,Phili,fucking stamp collectors a hard time do you?

Excellent point.

Not until they nick it that is.

Oh and those philil, phital, fuckin’ stamp collectors really get on my tit, fannying about withose poncy frigging albums

Psst… wanna buy a spent fuel rod? Cheap, like…it errr fell off the back of a lorry. It’ll keep your house cosy this winter, I know how you OAPs worry 'bout that. I tell you what, seeing as it’s you, it’s yours for a pony. Do we have a deal, squire?

Sorry old chap but I do not deal with London crooks.

Manchester crooks, yes

Your loss, gov. Besides, I’ve already got another buyer interested. Nice guy, Armadine-something-or-other.

I recently worked on a site where a lot of the stuff was still stored. Armed police, dogs, the lot.

I worked in the most radioactive building there, too. (Because it was made of granite.)

'ere, 'ang on a sec, couldn’t you flog it to Ferguson?

One half of Manchester would gladly pay whatever it costs to mail it to the red nosed twat

jjimm your nom de plume isn’t Homer Simpson is it?

Last weekend I kicked the shit out of him at Euston station on your orders, now you want me to post him radiological material?

Gah, I lose one bet and I’m on the hook for life… bloody Mancunian gangsters.

So, leaving all this wonderful Brit slang aside, whats the debate here? Is it that the UK shouldn’t be reprocessing (recycling) its nuclear material? What exactly should they do with it? If thats not the debate, what exactly should they do with the weapons grade material that is the result of that? Should they wave a magic wand and make the nasty stuff go away? Give up on nuclear power generation? Give it away so that they don’t rile up the locals about all that nookular nasty-ness?


To answer your question ** xtism** all I can say is…I have no sodding idea what we should do with it, I doubt anyone else has either.
I was just making the point that there is so much of the stuff (Plutonium) that in my opinion it invites some nutjob shitheads who fancy their chances at stealing it, the results of which, should they suceed, would be catastrophic.

Now thenSzlater if that was really you who kicked the shit out of red hooter then you have the thanks and admiration of the blue half of Manchester.
Any time you visit ooop norf you are guaranteed free beer by a grateful throng