UK Home Office, get your head out of your arse

Once again I am angry at the UK Home Office. After sitting on my wife’s application for bloody months (they say on their website they’re now processing applications from April, yet we applied in February and there’s no final result), Saturday we got a letter from them. A letter asking for documents they already have: proof that I’m a student and that I have funds.

What the hell did they do with the paperwork I already supplied them? Wipe their arses? They already have proof that I have funds until next January, and that I’m going to be working on my PhD for that time, they got nice and lovely letters from the University and the bank.

They don’t even talk about what the hell their problem with my documentation is. What is it that does not make them happy? Can I have a bloody hint, so I can, y’know, avoid doing the same thing again?

That’s your tough policy on immigration for you. They bug and annoy the easy targets. So they can show some sad sort of result, making a big display of careful scrutinizing. In the meantime, illegal immigration is flourishing.

My situation is clear cut: I’m Italian, I have right to stay (thanks to EU laws), she’s my wife, we’re married and I can support her, and this gives her the right to stay. You have proof over there (bar any toilet accidents, mind you), just stamp that passport and give it back to us! My wife can’t even apply for jobs, because she can’t prove her identity without a passport.

Arrrrgh! :mad:

Reading their letter more carefully, I notice they ask me for proof that I am a vocational student. Does anybody have any idea of what that means? Does it have anything to do with vocational training? That would not have anything to do with PhD study and it would prove they did not read my paperwork carefully.

I’m off to the gym to cool down doing some swimming, or I’ll burst.

Straight from Google:

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