UK meters for 120 v usage possible?

Hello, I am in UK for a bit and going back to 120v (some may like 110v land) land. I like the cheap meters here less than 100 pounds as opposed to the 1000 or so pounds I would have to pay for a sub meter in my Caribbean nation.
I have a few units I would like to monitor the usage. Is there anyway one of these meters can be rigged or set to read 120v 50/60 hz?
I did not realize till I got here that they actually pump 230 down one line, At home we need two 120v lines to get 230/240.
something like this or better would do just right:

Thanks vy VY

The big problem here is the frequency - I can’t see a way around this.

Thanks or the response. I found a place that seems to sell them Camax that said this will work: the Carlo Gavazzi EM111DINAV71XS1X in 120V ac. (Sampling rate 4096 samples/s @ 50Hz 4096 samples/s @ 60Hz)
Any ideas on this? vy VY

I think its a case of reading the manual, no doubt its available online - you need to determine if this can be left in place continuously too.

will do thanks VY