UK: My gas boiler smells of fish... ?

My new gas boiler smells of fish when left alone, while I’m at work. It doesn’t smell when it’s on, the whole place smells funny.

I can’t find any ref to what threat a fishy smell might be. I also don’t think my landlord has had it certified. Is that his responsibility to get a gas certificate?

What might the fishy smell be?

Is it very old?


At the risk of sounding simple, are you sure it’s not odor they put in natural gas so you can smell it and evacuate?
If you’re at work the doors are all closed along with the windows? The gas builds up… Don’t evaluate is it my thought…

Don’t mean to sound alarmist, but gas is nasty stuff. I saw footage of a town in New Jersey that had a major gas main explode, pretty wild scene…

Give Transco a call. They’ll come out for free - they even re-capped an outlet in my sitting room for no charge.

0800 111 999

It doesn’t smell like gas, that’s the thing - the boiler is only a week old so I figured it was ‘new boiler smell’ - but it has not gone away. I’ll call Transco - though I doubt they do weekends.

Could it be whatever they welded the pipes together with smelling? What does that smell like?

Ah, if it’s a brand new one, then it could be all sorts of films of grease and dirt burning off the new components; I’d call the fitter back and if you aren’t satisfied with the response, call Transco.

Our central heating system is covered by a service plan - it’s about £150 a year (I think) - anything that goes wrong is covered for full replacement, even a leaky radiator.

For the second part of your question - I’m pretty sure that your landlord is required to have a current gas safety certificate.

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the black plant I was thinking of was Ophiopogon; I have no idea where I got the other name from (I think I might have made this error before, hmmm).

Oops, wrong thread, sorry.

Nice Plant photo :slight_smile: Mangetout.

I called Transco and they were at my door 35 minutes later, the guy waved a rubber smelling thing around (Made of rubber - not for smelling rubber either. I suppose it smelled of rubber but he didn’t give me a chance) … and said that it wasn’t Gas and after a second test downstairs told me I didn’t have a leak. He thought it could be New Boiler Smell. I’ll chase the Landlord for a certificate, Gas Man said I can approach the Consumer Council and force him to get one if necessary.

So the place still smells of fish, but at least I won’t blow up looking for it.