UK Opening Up


Not sure why the OP was deleted but yes, England at least is “opening up”.

And I’m sure the abrupt “You’re all free to do whatever you want! Everything’s fine!” approach from Westminster has nothing whatsoever with the nuclear dumpster fire that is the Boris Johnson administration at present.

Scotland remain under various restrictions.

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All four of the different countries in the UK have different rules, but they are all ‘opening up’ at least a little over the coming week, although England does appear to be abandoning any official rules beyond compulsory self-isolation, and even that is due to end in March. The changes are here:

UK is about as immune to covid as you can get. Nearly 100% of adults (16+) have some kind of immunity. Nearly > 95% of 65+ are boostered. > 80% of 50+ are boostered.

I personally think that public masking at essential services and offices should still be a thing until their numbers go down a bit more. That will protect people vulnerable people. Otherwise, why not? Deaths have increased a bit but have recently plateaued. ICU patients never rose above the low levels they’ve had since the summer. In fact, the numbers are decreasing.

You’re not alone in thinking that.

Retailers Sainsbury’s, John Lewis and Waitrose will continue to ask customers in England to wear masks in their shops when Plan B rules end on Thursday.

Rail operators also said passengers would be expected to wear masks when the legal requirement for face coverings in public places is dropped.

It’s nice to see that there are plenty of organisations willing to take a responsible position.


Gotta wonder how much pushback these businesses will get from “Boris said you’re not the boss of me” COVIDiot maskholes.

The supermarkets/stores listed ( Sainsbury’s, John Lewis and Waitrose) are, well, the upper end of the market; I would expect compliance would be pretty good. When it comes to other stores…

Actually, I did a little google and found this “survey” of stores:

I would place the stores in this little sub-debate in the following order, high end to low: Waitrose/John Lewis, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Tesco, Aldi, Asda, Lidl.

By the time you get to Tesco customers, frankly I don’t blame the store for not pushing mask wearing. That way they’ll just get non-masking instead of boorish, antagonistic non-masking.


Denmark is following,