UK TV: Touch The Truck

Who’s watching Touch The Truck tonight?

Sounds interesting

The problem with text based communication is that irony doesn’t always come across too well.

That was an ironic comment, right?

A bunch of acquisitive morons standing around a car park feeling up a 4x4, hosted by Dale Winton. That’s not even as gripping as “watching paint dry volume VII”

I have no idea what this thread is about but I am torn at 10.00pm tonight between Stephen Fry on Room 101 and ‘Trigger Happy’. No I’m not. ‘Trigger Happy’ , Channel 4, 10.00pm. Hilarious.

It would have been more interesting if they’d made the show “Touch Dale Winton”. :smiley:

Anyone hear about Jack Dee’s “Great Escape” (on Celebrity BB)?

what goes on during this show? is it some kind of auto-eroticism? (bad pun eh?)

You have hands-on competitions in the US right? Like ‘Hands on a Hardbody’?

Well it’s like that.

I’m seriously into this now, yes. Find the endurance aspect of it certainly rather more worthwhile viewing than Big Brother. It’s on at 8pm anyway, not 10pm. I saw R101 too.

Did no-one see the thread Going Without Sleep
and be interested?

Touch The Truck’s coming on again soon.