UKIP Councillor blames floods on gays

I think they’re trying to distance themselves from the British National Party, which does seem to have xenophobia and racism as a couple of major planks in their platform (as seen from across the Atlantic, anyway).

True that, but they also drag the Tories (and Labour!) to the right as well.

And in general contribute to the normalisation of that hideous xenophobic/nationalist/europhobic discourse, together with the Daily Fail and such. It’s becoming depressingly and scarily normalised, the slightly watered down version of what UKIP or the BNP proclaim. It’s never about the extremists, it’s about normalising just a small part of what they say. Just enough so people will look the other when they deport the Jews right under their noses, or whatever nasty thing it is they want. :frowning:

I want to start a conspiracy theory that the BNP and UKIP are both secret Tory products, to make their own policies seem more friendly and less radical by contrast. You know, like the Tea Party is a secret GOP project to allow themselves to move to the right but still appear more liberal than those idiots.

I worry, however, that someone will take this seriously and I’ll end up getting a call from the Daily Fail.

So where does the Eurosceptic British voter who’s not crazy go?

UKIP shipping forecast

People aren’t half fast with the parodies nowadays…

Any party but LibDems. Literally. Any party.

Bongo-bongo Land.

No, wait, turns out that’s not a real place.

You’d think that someone with “strong Baptist views” would be in favor of a little flooding.

It just occurred to me: Dan Savage lives in Seattle. And what’s the weather like in Seattle? It all makes sense now!

There’s also @UkipWeather on Twitter.

That is so well done. :smiley:

Like a lot of the comments seem to say - it’s the Archers intro at the end which tops it off beautifully for me.

Kinda homesick now.

The Archers is available via podcast, you know. Individual eps and the omnibus, plus a separate “Ambridge Extra” one for some grittier background storylines.

Not sure what you can do about the Shipping Forecast, although you can always just listen to “Sailing By” a few times.

I’d just like to say… THIS is how we shall establish our homo-colonial empire!! We shall marry, and it shall BRINGETH THE FLOODES! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

(Seriously, all of the fringe benefits you get just for liking the cock while also having the cock! First an empire, and now super-villain powers!)

Think of all the benefits to this: Married gays to tour drought-hit countries.

Ahem. I’m middle aged, thank you very much.